The Pat Peavy Award

The Pat Peavy Award

Purpose - Commemorate Pat’s leadership, service and legacy to Camp Dudley and Kiniya

The Pat Peavy Award was created through the generosity of #10065 William T. McCutcheon and his family, in memory of #14229 Patrick Peavey, former camper and leader at Dudley who passed away in 1995. Said Bill, “Pat was thoughtful, fun, honest and had a great concern about others. His parents, Linda Crow and Patrick Peavy, were very proud of him, as was his brother #14665 Michael. He was, in short, a great Dudley Leader.”

This award is given annually to one Leader at Dudley and one Leader at Kiniya who best exemplifies the traits of Dudley / Kiniya Leadership … caring, integrity and putting others before self.

The award carries with it a monetary scholarship that its recipients apply to their education.

  • Places the needs of Campers as the highest priority
  • Serves as role model for campers and other leaders, on and off duty
  • Creatively engages campers and team members during scheduled activity blocks and choice time
  • Administers cabin responsibilities in a firm and fair manner
  • Coaches with positive reinforcement, teaches all aspects of the sport, demonstrate good sportsmanship, has the team organized and prepared for all activities
  • Sets a tone that is constructive and productive during regular divisional meetings
  • Shows campers what “good clean fun” is
  • Volunteers for additional responsibilities as time permits (e.g., Council ring leadership)
  • Demonstrates proper table manners and is present at all meals
  • Serves responsibly in lifeguarding and other assigned duty areas
  • Conducts or facilitates meaningful age appropriate vespers daily
  • Leads off site wilderness trips safely and in a manner that teaches respect for the outdoors and environment
  • Writes meaningful and complete weekly and seasonal evaluations for all members of the cabin group
  • Honors curfew
  • Respects the contract terms and conditions as outlined in the Employment handbook
  • Uses days off to recharge and relax

Past Winners


#21983 Jordan Mickens - Dudley


#19399 Bo McKinley - Dudley

#21982 Domanick Walker - Dudley

#20444 Hanna McPheron - Kiniya


#19938 Pete O’Brien - Dudley

#19130 Caleb Florence - Dudley

#20371 Clara Danneman - Kiniya


#20970 Wendell Bean- Dudley

#20425 Megan Sudduth - Kiniya


#20815 Tony Hart - Dudley

#21029 Grace Hagerty - Kiniya


#19136 Ian Kotz - Dudley

#21049 Eva Wertimer - Kiniya