Our Curriculum

We are really proud of the work we have done over the past three years to develop a rich, real and relevant curriculum for all of our students.

Our school leadership believes in providing staff with the best professional learning opportunities in order to ensure the teaching in the classrooms is based on research and up to date with the latest practices.


Thanks to our participation in the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership's program 'Leading Numeracy,' our staff have made a dramatic change to the way Maths is taught in our schools over the past 18 months. All classes now learn about the same topic at the same time (at different levels of difficulty). Topics are studied in-depth for three weeks at a time and student growth is monitored very closely over this time. All students also aprticpate in weekly 'Blitzmasters' activities, working on improving their knowledge of automatic facts (such as timestables).

Our student results in Maths demonstrate very positive results and, more importantly, our students really enjoy their Maths learning. We have a number of other educators and schools visit our school to learn about our Maths program, we believe this is testament to the hard work we have put in over the past 18 months. You can read more about our Maths program here (this is a brochure that was created by Bastow and sent out to every government school in Victoria in 2016). You can also access our Mathematics Policy here.


In 2016 we had three staff members attend the Leading Literacy course at the Bastow Institute for Educational Leadership. Since then, these teachers have led the rest of the staff to continually improve the way we teach reading and writing in our schools. We have a strong focus on developing a love of reading in all students and this has included purchasing many brand news books for our classroom libraries, as well as providing more time for students to practice reading and to listen to their teachers reading them good quality books.

In 2015 the Parents Club fundraised $10,000 to contribute towards the $35,000 redevelopment of the school library. This is now one of our favourite spaces in the school for many students.


We are passionate about providing our students with the skills to enable them to succeed in the modern world and that is why technology is a prominent feature in classrooms at Campbells Creek Primary School. Teachers are given regular professional learning to assist them with integrating the technology effectively, and there is a constant focus on using the technology to enhance student learning. We want our students to be creators with technology rather than consumers of technology!

Staff and students at Campbells Creek Primary School use the G Suite for Education platform (formerly called Google Apps for Education) for all their document sharing and communication online. All students in years 3-6 are issued with a student email account and are taught how to use this account sensibly and safely.

Teaching our students to code is an important part of the digital technologies curriculum. Students are taught to use the Scratch coding program, before moving on to more complicated software.

We have 1 laptop per 2 students in years Prep-2 and one laptop/Chromebook per student for year 3-6 students. All of these devices are provided free of charge by the school.

Our students are provided with lots of opportunities to extend their skills with the use of digital technologies and each year, they are asked to present at the Statewide student ICT expo run by Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV) at Swinburne University in Hawthorn.

As well as having a number of our staff presenting at state, national and even international conferences on the topic of educational technologies, we have numerous educators come to visit our school to learn about what we are doing with digital technologies in our classrooms every year.

LOTE- Japanese

Students in all year levels learn Japanese from our very special Japanese teacher, Jaimee.

This program is enhanced by our participation in a local Japanese student exchange program that sees us host 10-12 year old Japanese students in August each year.


We want our students to have the opportunity to develop and follow their own passions and to make deeper connections with their peers and other people within our school community. Each Wednesday afternoon all students participate in a multi-age CLUBS program run by all members of our staff (even our office ladies run a club!) and some members of our community- parents, volunteers etc.

Clubs programs run in 4-5 week blocks and some of the activities we have had on offer include:

  • photography
  • jewellery making
  • Lego robotics
  • French
  • cooking
  • gardening
  • calm colouring
  • knitting
  • table tennis
  • makerspace
  • art and craft
  • running
  • lawn bowls