Budget & Finance

This page presents quick links to commonly requested information, as well as containing regulatory and legally mandated information.   It is intended to increase transparency and serve as one-stop location for financial information.

“CONTENT AND FINANCIAL DISCLAIMER:  The data contained in this website is presented for educational purposes and to provide a general overview of district transactions.  Although reasonable and appropriate measures are taken to maintain the timeliness and accuracy of this website, the financial data provided has been neither reviewed nor audited. Some financial data presented is on a cash basis, which may not fairly, completely or accurately represent an entity's financial position or the results of its operations at time of publication.Adjustments and modifications to the financial statements may be identified during the course of audit work, which could result in significant differences from this preliminary unaudited financial information. As such, unaudited information contained on this website has been included for general information purposes only and the information is not intended to be the basis of, and should not be relied upon in making an investment in District obligations.  Investors, regulators, and other interested parties should refer to audited financial data, located at the Office of the WA State Auditor (https://sao.wa.gov/)”