CSDA Handlers

Welcome to the CSDA Handler Website.  This website contains all of the materials that you will need to be able to progress through your time as a Handler with CSDA.  Please check this page at least once per week and before attending any classes.

If you have any questions please use your appropriate distribution list to communicate with CSDA so all items can be tracked and logged.

TRAINING UPDATE: CSDA is now using Appointlet to allow clients to book in-person training sessions online! Scroll down past the training calendars to see available appointment types and availability. Online booking does NOT impact group training classes, which are still available on the training calendars.

Group Training Schedules

Group Classes have paused for now! 

If you would like to schedule a training, please use the link below to book a private session online or email your trainer to schedule a one-on-one session.

Book Private and Specialty Training Online

Use the box to the left to sign up for in-person training! Click the type of training you would like to sign up for to see the availability. 

For Specialty Classes:

For One-On-One Sessions:

If you're having trouble booking here, click the button below to book a training session on the website.

Training Policies


Training Notices

All training notices will be posted here as they become available.

Advanced Locations (listed below) are open to Teams who have passed CGC ONLY! If you have not passed CGC, you will be asked to leave any Advanced Trainings and attend pet-friendly class locations until you have passed CGC.

Contact Hours

CSDA Staff are available Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm. Please allow staff a reasonable time to respond to your requests. Refer to the CSDA Contact Policy for more information.

Training Logs

Training logs should be completed once per week. 

Please remember to enter your weekly training logs to keep your dog up to compliance and our records accurate for an audit.

For assistance with training logs, please contact us.

Staff Contact Information

Request ID Cards

ID cards will only be issued to active, graduated clients who are current on recertification. Please see the Client Resources tab for information on recertification. 


ADI Digital ID Card

Visalia Rawhide Partnership

Valley Strong Ballpark, home of the Visalia Rawhide, is partnering with California Service Dog Academy to open the first dog park in a baseball stadium in the US, Sentinel Dog Park. CSDA has sponsored the park in honor of all past and present military service men and women. With this partnership, service dogs in training, service dogs, and pet dogs will be welcome at all games. CSDA is inviting clients who would like to attend a game to reach out to us to reserve a ticket for any game. Tickets are limited so if you are interested, please email matthew.corso@californiaservicedogacademy.org. Tickets for opening day and all other games are available for purchase at the following link and at the box office at the stadium.


Service Dog Tasks


California Service Dog Academy is proud to be an Accredited Member of Assistance Dogs International. Find out more below or by going to www.AssistanceDogsInternational.org

ADI Accreditation Brochure-Leaflet Rev. Feb 2022.pdf

Emergency Information

These resources are available for emergency use. To ensure your dog's health, get them regular vet check-ups! Please familiarize yourself with our emergency procedures before there is an emergency. Check back here regularly for updates. 

Please always contact CSDA staff in the event of an emergency. 


Tulare-Kings Emergency Vet |240 W. Mineral King Ave, Visalia | (559) 739-7054 

Non-Emergency Recommended Vet:

Companion Animal Medical Center | 5229 W. Walnut Ave, Visalia | (559) 625-9920

See an emergency vet if any of the following occur:

Seizures and/or staggering

Fractured bones, severe lameness or inability to move leg/s

Obvious signs of pain or extreme anxiety

Heat stress or heatstroke

Refusal to eat or drink for 24 hours or more.


Severe vomiting or diarrhea–more than 2 episodes in a 24-hour period, or either of these combined with obvious illness or any of the other problems listed here

Severe bleeding or bleeding that doesn't stop within 5 minutes

Choking, difficulty breathing or nonstop coughing and gagging

Bleeding from nose, mouth, rectum, coughing up blood, or blood in urine

Inability to urinate or pass feces (stool), or obvious pain associated with urinating or passing stool

Injuries to the dog's eye/s

If you suspect or know the dog has eaten something poisonous (such as antifreeze, xylitol, chocolate, rodent poison, etc.)

Winter Safety Tips

Dog Basics and Care

Here are some quick references on caring for your dog. Please always refer to the CSDA Handler Manual for a complete list of instructions and recommendations. 

Quick Links- Pet Care Resources

CSDA Handler Manuals and Processes

Complaint Procedure

OTHER Resources

Please click the image to be taken to the resource.