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Welcome to the CSDA Handler Website. This website contains all of the materials that you will need to be able to progress through your time as a Handler with CSDA. If you have any questions please use your appropriate distribution list to communicate with CSDA so all items can be tracked and logged.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the pandemic, group and class trainings have been suspended. We are now offering virtual training sessions and one-on-one training sessions. Please contact us to schedule a session. Also, please be aware that due to having to work one-on-one with everyone, things are running more slowly than usual. Thank you for your patience and support!



Flying with your SD

American Airlines new travel requirements! The Airlines are now starting to implement the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) New Rules for “Flying with Service Dogs”. Two DOT forms have been created. One is to confirm the health, training and behavior of a service dog and the other is attestation to the toileting relief of a service dog that will be on a flight for 8 hours or longer.

American Airlines was the first to announce how they will implement the DOT forms stating that the forms will be good for one year; less if the service dog’s rabies vaccination expires before the year is complete. They also offered to allow any graduate teams trained by ADI NA Member or Candidate Programs, to fill out and submit the American Airline DOT forms early to get a jump on things. This form is available to the general public when making reservations.

Please see the websites below for more information.


Recertification Information

Recert Checklist.docx
Updated CEU sheet.docx

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

The CCPDT and IAABC websites below contain paid CEU events. CSDA will NOT reimburse you for any CEU events, conferences, webinars, or courses that you pay for. Remember, free CEU events are also available.

Please click the links below to access these sites.


Free CEU Events can be found by clicking the links below. Don't forget to fill out the CEU completion form after each presentation or webinar you complete!

  • Pet Poison Helpline Webinars You must register with this website but it is FREE and will provide you with lots of great webinars on toxins in your home and yard and how to respond. Each video is worth 2 CEUs.

Improving Our Skills as Handlers_ Webinar.pptx
Understanding Stress Signals CEU.pptx



Training Logs

Please remember to enter your weekly training logs to keep your dog up to compliance and our records accurate for an audit.

For assistance with training logs, please contact us.

CSDA Handler Manuals and Processes