EC Monthly Parent Newsletter

November 30, 2018

From The Principal's Desk

Dear EC Parents:

We are continuing to see strong academic, social and emotional growth from all of our terrific EC students. And, that is why I’m asking you to consider having your child participate in the Holiday Home Fun Program during the upcoming break. The Holiday Home Fun Program is from December 4th to January 31st, 2019. As you know, learning a second language is a great challenge for young children. Their basic reading and math fluency is built in the early years with strong and capable teachers guiding them and a great deal of daily practice. Therefore, I would like you to consider having your child be part of the Holiday Home Fun Program. All the details are later in this newsletter for your review.

We had amazing results from the 8th annual Angel Tree Project with 232 Angels receiving the much needed school supplies for January, 2019. The goal was not quite reached this year yet your generosity and kindness in supporting our Safe Passage Angels is truly wonderful.

This year we held the annual Thanksgiving Feast in the central plaza and it was a most successful event! There are so many parents to thank for this amazing Thanksgiving Feast. The EC students presented all the things they are grateful for though a musical presentation under the direction of our music teachers, Ms. Pamela Castañeda and Ms. Ana Isabel Amaya. And, our special and main attraction guest was a live turkey who actually had a pretty impressive "gobble, gobble."

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Noche de Luces on Thursday, December 13th when we celebrate together this very special time of year. And, this is the time of year where we all give thanks for all the blessings in our lives and we share time with our family and friends. On my part, I am grateful for having had the opportunity to spend eight years successfully leading the EC section at the American School of Guatemala with a group of truly dedicated and hard working teachers, incredible students and supportive and cooperative parents.

Wishing you all the best during this Holiday Season!

Thank you!

Warm regards,

Connie Turner

Early Childhood Principal

Pre Kinder 4

Kinder 4

Grade 1.4

Angel Tree Packing Party

This was a truly wonderful day with so many parents participating in this worthwhile program. We had at the last minute 25 additional Angel added by EC parents. Safe Passage is coming today to pick up the school supplies we purchased for those last 25 Angels! Thanks again for opening your hearts for these deserving children.

CAG Wellness Committee

This reminder concerning the benefits of regular physical activity is from the parents of the CAG Wellness Committee. Daily physical activity is especially important for youngsters growing their minds and bodies.

EC Thanksgiving Feast

What a wonderful day for the EC section of the American School of Guatemala celebrating together what we are grateful for each day! The food was so delicious and the turkeys were so well prepared with all the trimmings. And, our EC concert was the best one yet! We are so thankful to have a parent community willing to provide such high quality and meaningful activities for their children.

EC Holiday Home Fun Booklet

Here are the directions for your child to participate in the Holiday Home Fun Program:

  1. Your child will receive the Holiday Home Fun Program booklet on Tuesday, December 4rd, 2018.
  2. Read to your child or they can read to you.

Pre Kinder - 4 books in Spanish and 4 books in English

Kinder - 4 books in Spanish and 4 books in English

First Grade - 4 books in Spanish and 4 books in English

You need to record the name of the books read together or the ones that they read themselves.

3. Do all of the fun Math activities provided in the booklet together.

4. Have your child fill out Certificate of Completion when the booklet is done.

5. Return the Home Holiday Fun booklet before Thursday, January 31st, 2019.

This is a non-digital program to have a more “hands on” learning experience over the holidays with your child. Remember this is a voluntary project and I encourage you to set some time aside to accomplish this reading and math challenge.

Now, the reward for completing the Holiday Home Fun Program booklet is your child will have wonderful lunch together with me and then we will play 2 or 3 outdoor fun games with the help of PE teachers. This will be a terrific experience for all the EC students and will take place during February, 2019.

Thank you for assisting your child’s in their reading and math skills together thereby building the foundation for them to become a lifelong learner.


Connie Turner/EC Principal

Early Dismissal at 12:00

Thursday, December 13th

Noche de Luces

Thursday, December 13th

Returning to School

Monday, January 7th 2019

Connie Turner

Early Childhood Principal

2500-9595 ext. 4100

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!