7th Grade English

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English is not just about being able to speak, read, and write well; it's about being able to think. I consider analytical and critical thinking vital skills for navigating modern life. While there are many factors to consider, the basic definition of intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. I want all my kids to be successful - so we focus on acquiring knowledge and applying that knowledge to a wide variety of social, academic, practical, and entertaining phenomena.

My goal is to guide students to improved ability to think, read, write, and communicate effectively. We will examine an expansive selection of literary genres and styles of writing. We will build on old skills and develop new ones.

At this point in their academic career, most of my students perform best within a well defined structure, but English tends to be less structured than math or science, subjects with an absolute, right answer. I strive to provide procedures and structures that allow my students to gain balance with new skills, like training wheels.

You can see more about the curriculum and units here.

Upcoming and Current Events

Winter Break Feb 18 - 20

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Take a look around and see what you can learn. I use Google Classroom to organize assignments and weekly updates for students. I use Remind to communicate with parents and students.

You can check your student's grades in JCampus. Classlink provides student access to all of the programs and applications we use at Herndon.

Herndon is the most amazing school in Caddo Parish.

See the Resource Page for links with information on help with Dyslexia or other learning disabilities.

My Schedule

  • Home Room 7:50 - 8:00
  • First Period ELA 8:00 - 9:13
  • Third Period ELA 9:115 - 10:28
  • Locker then lunch
  • Fourth Period ELA 11:03-12:16
  • Sixth Period ELA 12:18 - 1:31pm
  • 7th period Work Period
  • 8th period 2:27 - 3:15 Creative Writing

Units of Study

Unit Content

You can download the parish lunch calendar on this website. There are different calendars for elementary and middle/high school. You'll have to scroll down a tad.