Y10 Core Subjects (studied in Tui, Moa and Kea groups)

Core subjects will be set for you.

These subjects are studied by all students for the whole year:

English and Social Studies (Integrated), Mathematics, Science,
Physical Education and Health.

Y10 Option Subjects

Option subjects give you the chance to study from the Arts, Techs, Languages, and add more PE.

Y10 option courses last half a year (1 semester).

You will study 4 option courses from:

Art, Music, Food Technology, Wood Technology, Digital Technologies, Graphics, Te Reo Māori, Physical Education Prep, A Language by distance study.

Y10 Option Subject Selection

Year 10 options selection for 2023 will be available from early September.

You will be given an option choice card to plan on (as below), and then be asked to enter selections
via the Kamar Portal

Please note: Language courses will be done by distance education (Correspondence or Farnet), will be quite challenging, will require an extensive homework commitment, and must be taken for a full year, ie two semesters in one of the option lines. You will sit in with a senior class for this, except when you are on a Zoom call with your teacher. If you wish to take a language for NCEA the year after next, you will need to take a year 10 course in as preparation. Your own device and headphones or a headset is required.

We will try to accommodate all your choices, but because of timetable restrictions, some of your options may be on at the same time (a clash). If this is the case, your alternative choices will be allocated.

If there is a major issue, or clash please email or see Mrs O'Keeffe, or Miss Cochrane , with details.

Not taking a subject in Year 10 will not exclude you from taking it in Year 11 (for NCEA L1); however, by taking a subject in year 10 it will make it easier to achieve in that subject the following year.


Course Pathways - What leads to what: Curriculum Map