Past Trips

Check out some of the fun and memories made during our last two years at Nature's Classroom.

2018 - Charlton, MA and 2017 - Colebrook, CT

"We had an amazing time. I knew some of the kids, and others not as much, but by the end of the week we knew each other very well. Our group was a great team and there was never drama or fighting. I made a couple new friends."

"It was nice getting to know some people I didn't know before I went to Nature's Classroom and to catch up with old friends on a different team than me."

"I would definitely recommend Nature's Classroom to other students and other schools because it was a fun experience, where we learned lots of new things while getting the outdoor experience and participating in experiments we would have never been given an opportunity to try in class."

"The counselors there are very nice and fun. And they are part of the reason Nature's Classroom was so much fun!"

"I would encourage students because it was the best time of my life. It was better than Disneyland! I had the most fun in my life, also, you learn so many new things that will amaze you."