Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions and we have answers!

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Q: What is environmental education?

A: Environmental education is the educational process dealing with one's relationship with his/her natural and human-made surroundings. It is the study of all things surrounding us, which affect our existence.

In particular Nature’s Classroom has been a tried and true environmental education residential program for more than 40 years!

Q: How does environmental education benefit students?

A: In the out-of-doors, the student’s ability to adapt to a new environment enhances any normal classroom situation, whether it is in their communication skills, concept attainment, personal relationships, or in figuring a classroom physics problem.

Q: What do students do at Nature’s Classroom?

A: Students participate in small group and team-building experiences in an outdoor setting which improves peer bonding, self-development, positive communication, leadership skills and the ability to problem solve.

Students choose classes based on their own interests, learning style, and what topics have piqued their curiosity, hopefully leading to an elevated level of comprehension.

Q: What qualifications to the staff at Nature’s Classroom have?

A: All staff have earned at least a Bachelor’s degree and are experienced educators teaching your children. Nature’s Classrooms Staff go through rigorous training and have clean background checks.

Q: What should I pack for my child for the 5 days at Nature’s Classroom?

A: A packing list will be provided as the trip nears.

  • Appropriate cold/wet weather clothing will be necessary.
  • Students will provide their own bedding (sheets, blanket or sleeping bag, pillow.
  • Students will bring their own towels and toiletries.

Q: My child has food allergies. Can he/she still go?

A: Yes! You will receive a form requesting medical information about your child. If your child has specific dietary needs, be sure to list them. Vegetarian alternatives are always available. Nut, fruit, grain and milk allergies have not been a problem in the past.

Q: What type of medical staff will be present?

A: With the needs of our larger group there will be a nurse on site the week that we are there. A hospital is located less than 10 miles from the site.

Q: What will the teacher/student ratio be while at Nature’s Classroom?

A: 1:12 teacher:student ratio.

Q: Do chaperones have to have a background check before attending Nature’s Classroom?

A: Yes. Per the BWRSD Policy – all volunteers must have a local background check completed prior to the trip.

Q: Can I send my child with an iPod? Can I send my child with a cell phone?

A: No! Nature’s Classroom does not allow any of this technology on their campus. Therefore this is non-negotiable. There will be arrangements made with the teachers for those students who need to make contact home.

Q: How are room assignments made?

A: Teachers take the list of students who are attending and try to accommodate student requests. Teachers are creative in picking “roommates” and usually have students list their top five choices then teachers try to be sure everyone is rooming with at least one their buddies.

Q: Can I send snacks with my child?

A: No! Snack items are NOT permitted on the Nature’s Classroom campus. We don’t want wildlife to join us in the cabins.

Q: Can I send money with my child?

A: No! Since all other expenses have been paid, no extra money is necessary.