Louisville Elementary


Library Mission

Our mission is to provide equitable access for students and teachers to 21st Century Libraries staffed by 21st Century Librarians in order to create a culture of lifelong learners and a community of digital citizens.

Author: Jason Reynolds

Hi, I'm Kelly Lichty! Welcome to the LES Library! A goal of our library is to create a safe and inviting space for kids to be curious learners and find the joy in reading. I am excited to be in the library this year and continue working with and supporting our students, families, and staff. I am passionate about helping kids find books that ignite their imaginations and fuel their love of reading. Together, I look forward to guiding our students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and creative problem-solvers. 

Author: Dion Leonard 

and his dog Gobi

Colorado Department of Education

Highly Effective Schools Through Libraries

Environment Recognition

Mrs. Lichty and our Louisville Elementary School Library have been recognized for having a highly effective library environment. 

"The highly effective teacher librarian establishes a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment for a diverse population of students. The school library space is open, warm welcoming; it is flexibly designed to meet a wide variety of needs as well as to foster learning and curiosity."