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March 19, 2023

Hello Team!  We are already in week 4 of our 12 week season!  This email contains a lot of information and a lot of links!  Please read thoroughly and click on all of the links so you are not missing any important information!!

This past week, our JV squad went to Centaurus and lit up the track.  Results of the JV meet.  Please note that this was not an official CHSAA timed meet, so if something looks way off, it very well might be, but finding a correction on that will simply not happen.  The finish line was a row of volunteers and we simply must say 'thank you' for volunteering and chalk up the day as a great experience where hopefully you had a lot of fun!  I was so impressed with what I witnessed!

This next week, we host our home QUAD meet between Boulder, Centaurus, Monarch and ourselves.  As a host of a CHSAA certified meet, we are responsible for providing a lot of volunteers.  With that said, I've created a list of volunteer positions and/or areas in which you can donate.  That, along with other details about the meet are below:

In other news, we only have one more week of our fundraising and we are only at 17% of our goal!  There is still time to donate!  Click here to make a difference in the Track & Field program for years to come!!  We have had a very generous offer from one of our track parents that wishes to remain anonymous, but has asked that I share their email: 

Hello fellow Fairview Track Team Parents,

Tricia has let us know that the team needs netting to protect our runners from the activities of other sports practices. But only 17% of us have contributed!! The netting is expensive, but if we all chip in just $25 we'd have enough funds to buy it this season. So, please donate! As a special incentive, I'll match all donations up to a total of an additional $500 donation from my family. The donation window closes this week, so please do your part!


Thank you

Another Fairview Track Team Parent

Finally, practices will take place at the normal time and normal place this next week, so I'll see you at the track at 4:15pm for warm-up's tomorrow!  Please fill out the Entry Sign Up survey today or tomorrow.  There is no guarantee that we can get you into anything in the Wednesday meet if you sign up after Monday!  Deadlines are deadlines...even when we are the host!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

March 12, 2023

Hello Team!  First thing is first...I'm speaking on behalf of the entire coaching staff when I say 'Congratulations' on a successful start to the season!  It was so fun to watch all of you not only compete, but work together as a team.  I saw groups doing warm-up's together, athletes standing at the finish line waiting to high five their teammates when they crossed the line, upperclassmen helping our newer athletes, and a lot of cheering and positive behaviors all around!  Thank you!!  We will be celebrating your accomplishments at the beginning of practice tomorrow, so please be ready to go at 4:15pm.

This next week, our JV squad (most of which did not compete this past Wednesday) will be going to Centaurus for their first official JV only meet!  Here are the details:

For the rest of you:

That's it for now!  Results for the Saturday meet can be found at femmertiming.com.  See all of you tomorrow!!