Gifted Services

Empowering Students to Learn, Create, Lead, and Succeed

Burrell School District provides an appropriate public education to students who qualify for gifted programs.  The district engages in identification procedures to ensure that eligible students receive an appropriate education program.  Ability of candidates for this program shall be evidenced by achievement in school work, scores on tests measuring intellectual ability and aptitude, and the judgments of teachers, psychologists, administrators, and supervisors familiar with the demonstrated ability of the pupil.   When screening results suggest that a student might qualify for the gifted program, parental consent is obtained for further evaluation.  Parents of students enrolled in Burrell School District may obtain additional information about this program from the building principal or the district’s Director of Student Services. 

Dr. Gregory Egnor

Director of Student Services

724.334.1406 x2096

Mrs. Mandy Libengood

Special Education Secretary

724.334.1406 x2592 

Our vision is to educate individuals, inspire leaders, and build futures.

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