Things to consider when purchasing a new appliance.

Always measure twice and be sure to provide your salesperson with the most accurate dimensions possible. Make sure that the dimensions in the installation manual for the appliance you select match what you provided the salesperson.


  • Check the depth, width and height of the space in your cabinet for your dishwasher. The width and height tend to be fairly standard; the depth you will have the biggest variance between units. If you want your dishwasher flush with the cabinets make sure you measure the depth of your cabinets and bring this to your salesperson.

  • Check to see if the floor is finished underneath the dishwasher. There may be unfinished floor exposed if the dishwasher isn't the same size as your previous model.

Hood Fan

  • Consider what you are using to cook and what you regularily cook when selecting a fan. For example, the minimum recommended CFM for a Hood Fan ventilating a Gas Range is 100 CFM per 10,000 BTU. The recommended fan for and electric range mostly used for cooking frozen food would be very different from the one recommended for a gas range regularily used for frying on the cooktop.

  • Check to see if your fan vents to the outside of your home. If it does not vent outside you may require a recirculation kit which may not be included with your fan.


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Range - Gas

  • All Gas Ranges must have a hood fan that vents to the outside.

  • Recommended CFM for a Hood Fan ventilating a Gas Range is 100 CFM per 10000 BTU

  • The minimum clearances for a Gas range is 30" above the range to the bottom of the cabinet and 18" from the counter to the bottom of the cabinet on either side for 6" out. If the Installation manual for your appliance specifies greater clearances then those are the minimum and must be respected. Please see diagram.

  • Cabinet valences are considered the bottom of the cabinet.


  • This is the most common appliance to have issues with fitting properly. Double and triple check your measurements. We recommend adding at least an extra 1/2" on all measurements stated in the manufacturers manual.

  • Don't forget to account for the hinges on top of the fridge. A common issue we have seen is that the fridge fits but the hinges on top will block the cabinet doors from opening.

  • Consider how far the fridge will stick out of the cabinets with the doors open and closed. Many clients have thought the additional capacity was worth it to be overwhelmed by the way it sticks out into the kitchen.

Washer & Dryer

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