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Welcome to Burnell Appliance Installation!

We are an Ottawa based company focused on the installation of kitchen and laundry appliances. We are certified to install all natural gas and propane appliances.

Need your new dishwasher installed? Give us a Call!

Replacing an old appliance? Out with the old and in with the new. We offer pre-delivery disconnection to make sure everything goes smoothly on the day of your delivery (recommended for gas appliances).

Just had your kitchen remodelled? Trust us to be the ones to complete the final step in your kitchen renovation. Your appliances are a big part of the final look, let's make sure it's done right.

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Covid Protocol

I'm Vaccinated!

We are doing our best to keep everyone as safe as possible. Hands will be sanitized prior to coming into your home. During the appointment we will be wearing a mask at all times. We will wipe down the area we have been working in when done; everything will be kept as clean as possible.

During the appointment, we ask that you maintain social distancing as best you can. We ask that you wear a mask while we are in the same room if you are able.

If you have travelled at all, please delay booking your appointment until at least 2 weeks (14 days) after your return.

A little about me

I have been in the appliance Industry for more than 10 years. I have done a little bit of everything from warehousing to deliveries and now appliance installation. I have managed warehouses and delivery teams and even helped an appliance retailer that was new to the Ottawa area get set up. I am familiar with the whole process and can offer additional insights.

I moved into Installation when the company I was working for at the time outsourced their Warehousing/Deliveries to a third party. I found a job installing appliances and became a licenced gas fitter. After some time, I felt that the industry was more focused on speed rather than quality and felt customers deserved better.

Now here I am independent and ready to serve you directly. I will take the time that is neccessary to get the job done right. If you are not satisfied with the work, neither am I.

I don't want everyone's buisness, I just want yours.

Devon Burnell

We are a registered heating fuels contractor. Licensed to work on natural gas and propane

Having a Verified badge means that we have checked all of your legal and professional requirements — including, most notably, a criminal background check — giving homeowners more peace of mind before inviting you into their home.

All parts and labour are guaranteed for 1 year!

Fully insured for your peace of mind.