Veterinary Technology

Instructor: Leigha Allen


Room B104

The Veterinary Technology Program is designed to train students in the field of veterinary science and technology, and will provide students with the entry level skills necessary to care for animals. This course focuses on the career of a Veterinary Assistant and Veterinary Technician. Students will be prepared to work in a veterinary clinic or hospital, kennel, grooming salon, animal laboratory, or pet retail facility. Because this hands-on shop will include not only theory but also practical application and laboratory work, students need to be mature, self-motivated, responsible, and aware of safety procedures in dealing with animals and maintaining a safe working environment. 

The Veterinary Technology program has a heavy courseload, and is taught at a pace similar to an honors course. Curriculum is competency based and performance is indivually evaluated. Students should have strong reading comprehension and time management skills. They should be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. Students are expected to speak in front of their peers and interact with clients on a regular basis. It should also be noted that working with animals is physically demanding, and students are expected to restrain animals using proper technique; at times, heavy restraint and the use of equipment such as muzzles will be necessary. A well functioning animal health care team works together, so students must be flexible and open to being grouped with classmates.

In addition to classroom instruction, this program requires completion of an online video based training program through Animal Care Technologies & Patterson Veterinary Acadamy. Additionally, 300 clinical hours working with a veterinarian outside of school is required for certification. Successful completion of this program plus the online requirements results in a nationally recognized Level 1 Certified Veterinary Assistant.

Course Outline

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Veterinary Technology Proficiency

Certified Veterinary Assistant

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College Credits

Delaware Valley University

Students who successfully complete the Veterinary Technology curriculum can receive University credit from Delaware Valley University for the following courses:

Acceptance of the curriculum by Delaware Valley University for these credits is based in the following:

Harcum College

Students who successfully complete the Veterinary Technology curriculum can receive 3 credit hours towards Harcum college  which will be applicable towards Harcum's Veterinary Nursing associate's degree program. Advanced standing within this major at Harcum College will be granted according to the mechanism agreed upon in the articulation agreement.

Acceptance of the curriculum by Harcum College for these credits is based on the following:

Google Classroom

Please note: Although most assignments are posted and turned in through Google Classroom, OFFICIAL grades are posted in Genesis.

Senior Shop Award

Each year, one senior student will be selected to receive the Veterinary Technology Shop Award.  The following are criteria used in the selection process, and are considered from freshman to senior year. The student who most consistently meets all of the criteria will be given the award.





Work Ethic


Skill & Technique




Pursues a Career in Veterinary Medicine

Companion Animal Nutrition 

Student Project: Design your own pet food.

Vet Tech and Allied Health Team up for Suture Removal