About OSBSO.org

About OSBSO.org

OSBSO.org is a private organization that operates independently from the participating shadow banking system participants. Its services are delivered on a fee-for-service basis to those making the complaint or seeking services. Any non-regulated firm in the financial services industry sub-sector is eligible to join OSBSO.org.

Why is there a cost to OSBSO.org's services; aren't all financial sector ombudsperson services free of cost to complainants?

The answer depends on the country in which you are located, or jurisdiction where the alleged non-conformity occurred. Yes, many countries have ombudsman services for the financial sector for REGULATED organizations. Shadow banking sector participants are NOT REGULATED, so are not subject to the same stringent rules as their regulated counter-parts. For example, shadow banking entities are not required to maintain ombudsperson's, whose services are normally paid for by the member entity pursuant to law. This is primary reason - among other reasons - that most countries do have provisions in place to help individuals and corporations who are subject to problems with a shadow banking financial services provider; until now, with OSBSO.org.

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Membership is open to qualified bodies. Email info@osbso.org to learn more.

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