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The "shadow banking system" is a global phenomenon consisting of organizations that trade in, or provide financial services; and are not subject to government regulatory scrutiny and oversight. The term "shadow banking system" is considered a misnomer, since the term "shadow banking system" describes financial activities that have existed for thousands of years and pre-date modern "federally regulated" banking activities, so a more appropriate term - deemed by the founder of OSBSO.org - would be: "non-regulated banking & financial services system".

The use of financial services from participants in the shadow banking system is rising due to the increasing powers of internet technology and increasing levels of international economic integration.


Shadow bankers, because they are not regulated, may - wittingly or unwittingly - have a bias towards "taking advantage of unwary or trusting corporate or retail consumers and investors." Further, because shadow banking financial services providers are not regulated by governments, [or, the government regulatory body does not provide services - or have inadequate provisions to effectively regulate shadow banking activities], they are unable to help eligible consumers and investors who are looking to lodge a complaint or seek redress (resolution or compensation) from a shadow banker. This is how OSBSO.org, an international private-sector ombudsperson, is able to help you.

If you have knowingly or unknowingly been provided services by a shadow banking financial services provider or providers and you think any of these have been unfair to you, you are welcome to contact us.


OSBSO.org promotes and protects fairness in the design and delivery of financial services within the shadow banking sector. We take complaints about shadow banking services provided by non-regulated financial services organizations (shadow banking financial services) operating in over 119 countries, namely those countries who have adopted ISO International Standards Nationally; seriously.

1. We help eligible complainants with the following:

(a) INFORM: after you contact OSBSO.org and provide all required details of your complaint & pay the Case Filing Fee (and applicable related project fees); OSBSO.org reviews all aspects of your shadow banking financial services transaction pursuant to our internal process.

(b) REPORT: OSBSO.org determines and reports to you if a nonconformity due to non-compliance with a statutory or regulatory requirement, exists or potentially exists.

(c) COLLECT: OSBSO.org provides you with options that may provide you with a pathway for you to collect a resolution or recompense to your situation, by the shadow banking financial services provider subject to your complaint.

2. Advanced services for complex cases include:

  • Arbitrated Agreements

  • Mediated Settlements

  • Litigation Consulting

  • Process Investigation

  • Private Enforcement & Collection Services

  • Cost Recovery

Organizations do not need to be a member of OSBSO.org in order for you to lodge a complaint against them.


Visit this page: OSBSO.org Internal Process

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