Mrs. Barnett's PGES Counseling Corner

Elizabeth Barnett


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Pleasant Grove Elementary School

6415 Hwy 44 East

Mt. Washington, Ky. 40047

Pleasant Grove

Elementary School

Counseling Program

The public school system assists and aids parents in educating their child by offering a free, appropriate education. The Counseling Program is based on National Counseling Standards and our goal is that each student achieve growth and success in school.

Counselor’s wear many different hats in the school system; here are some of the duties they perform:

  • Guidance Classes
  • Small Group Counseling Lessons
  • Individual Counseling Lessons
  • Building Assessment Coordinator for KPREP and ACCESS testing
  • English Language Learners - PSP Plans
  • Rosetta Stone Set-up. monitor
  • PBIS Coach
  • 504 Chair
  • Speech ARC Chair - Speech Meetings are usually held on Friday; we are glad to find a different day/time if you have a need. Two Notices are sent to guardians.
  • Data Collection
  • Home Visits
  • Outreach
  • School Supply resources
  • Outside Counseling resources for parents -

Counseling in the school setting:

We know that how a child acts and reacts in public is a direct result of his/her environment, circumstances, and or mental and physical abilities.

A Counselor is the child’s advocate in school and that is what comes first; meaning the counselor loves all her children.

While a counselor does not discipline a child (that job goes to the principals in charge and is discussed with the guardian of the disciplined child and appropriate staff only.) the counselor may be required to teach or re-teach social skills to the student that was disciplined.

This is sometime hard for parents and even teachers to understand as they may misunderstand the lesson as a reward for the misbehaving child. If you have questions or concerns about this, please ask.

Also keep in mind, a counselor in the school setting has a large number of students so individual and small group counseling sessions only last 10-30 minutes; think of it as “light-weight” counseling. This should not take the place of your child seeing an outside counselor for hour long sessions if/when needed.

Guidance Classes

Our Librarian is gracious enough to share her space with me so guidance classes are in the Library. Each lesson is during one of the library special area times.

Guidance Class Topics (Can vary depending on the needs of the school each year)

· Communicate Respectful Behaviors specifically with using “Stop, Walk, and Talk,” Bus Behavior/how to sit, and how to reach me: Name, Teacher name, one or two sentences of the problem

* What is Bullying and Proactive ways to stop it in our school: Acts of kindness, Upstander vs. Bystander, etc

· Hygiene for Health and dress code: Cleanliness, hand washing, brushing teeth, appropriate dress for school

· Positive Attitude/Goal setting: Self talk, visualization

· Safe Schools-Red Ribbon/Drugs/Bullying:

· Stress Reduction - (Trauma Informed Care) Relaxation, organization

· Acceptance/Tolerance: Respecting Differences in ability or challenges, Race, Religion, opinions, looks, talents, Admire uniqueness,

· College/Career Readiness: Work Ethic, Woven throughout the year on broadcast, Library

· Test Taking skills/Strategies:

DARE Classes are taught during this time as well for 5th grade students

Small Group Counseling:

(2-6 students)

Student can be referred by school staff, parent, or self. Small group topics are various; could include the following:

Attendance issues


Social Skills

Making new friends


Personal space

Stress coping skills

Anger Management

Depending on the topic a permission form may come home to be signed for a student to participate in small group counseling programs. The first small group meeting is always about what confidentiality means and we revisit “confidential” at each session as a reminder.

Individual Counseling:

Students can be referred to see the counselor by a guardian, teacher, another student (if they feel bullying is involved), or the student can just refer himself. The guardian or teacher can simply send me an E-mail, note, or phone call. The student will send a note to the counselor stating: student name, teacher name, room number, and a sentence stating the need (all this is discussed at our first guidance class.

Outside Resources

First, start with your insurance company to see what they offer and where they suggest you go; I do have a list of local places other parents have tried and gave me positive feedback. If you would like this list call me.

Second, If you have passport or medicaid: Centerstone (formerly Seven Counties Services) -

130 S. Joe B. Hall Ave, Shepherdsville, KY 40165, 589-1100, 1-800-264-8799, 955-6447, 589-8070

In case of an emergency - for severe situations where a child has threatened suicide, to kill someone, or the behavior is so severe they cannot get control of themselves.

· Acute Child Services: 914 East Broadway, 589-8070

· Our Lady of Peace: Free assessment – 1800-451-3637

The Brook: 8521 LaGrange Rd. 1800-866-8876, 502-426-6380 or 1405 Browns Ln – 1-866-376-6085, 502-896-0495