Bullard Memorial Farm Association

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Bullard Memorial Farm Association is to support the preservation, protection, and restoration of historic structures and resources reflecting early New England life at the Bullard Memorial Farm. To achieve this mission, we will support, encourage, inform, and educate the membership and the public of the architectural significance, history, and heritage of the Bullard Memorial Farm.

Our Vision Statement

The members of the Bullard Memorial Farm Association envision a Bullard Memorial Farm in which the community at large can participate in experiences demonstrating early agricultural life in New England; the full participation of any interested and invested persons is encouraged in the operation and management of the Bullard Farm; the buildings will be in continual good repair and historically operational; the artifacts and historic documents will be properly catalogued, preserved and stored; the land will be wisely managed through agricultural, forested and historic activities; the material culture will be available for professional historic research and educational programming; the financial support for the restoration, preservation and daily operation of the Bullard Memorial Farm will be secure and viable.

Our Core Values

We, the members of the Bullard Memorial Farm Association, believe:​

· that the Bullard Memorial Farm represents an irreplaceable historical and environmental resource for the Northeastern United States;

·   that we need to preserve and protect the open space, farmland, historic artifacts and structures of the Bullard Memorial Farm for future generations, as these are our most important assets;

· in preserving, respecting, and sharing the Bullard Memorial Farm and our cultural past with interested parties, consistent with our responsibility for preservation and education; 

​·    and in the conscientious stewardship of the Bullard Memorial Farm via supervision, careful oversight, and general maintenance of this valuable legacy.