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National Junior Honor Society

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Black History Month Assembly, sponsored by NJHS: Friday, 3/1

Movie Nights: Spooky Night, Classic Night, Sing-a-long Night and Superhero Night

College Visits: Brooklyn College and Columbia University

Community Building Overnight

Teacher vs. Student Basketball Game

3rd Annual Coney Island end-of-year trip

Historian's message of the week


Daisy Liles

8th Grade

Please help us continue our fundraising efforts to provide scholarships and subsidies for NJHS students to attend leadership events!

Ways to help BUGS NJHS reach our goal:

- Share our Go Fund Me link on your social media!

- Spread the word about our mission to family, friends & colleagues!

- Donate anything you can to our campaign, no donation is too big or too small!

NJHS Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

As a member of the National Junior Honor Society, you must follow these guidelines:

  • Maintain a 90% or 3.0 GPA cumulatively throughout the year
  • Contribute $20 in dues per semester
  • Complete, at minimum, 10 hours of community service per year
  • Maintain a positive deanslist average of over 85 points
  • Be an active and contributing participant at NJHS meeting and attend all meetings

500 19th Street, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn 11215 | Email: njhs@BUGSbrooklyn.org | Phone: 718-280-9556