Teach East Africa WEEK

February 1 - 9, 2024

East Africa is home to over 335 Million people,  who speak thousands of languages, and whose vast and interconnected lives & histories over millennia have 

shaped the world

We invite teachers  and administrators to commit to teaching about East Africa throughout the week of February 1-9, 2024

It's easy and there are multiple ways to participate

Read a book, listen to East African music, watch a video, 

or teach a full lesson. 

Participating teachers will receive a free book of their choice.

... & send us your teaching stories afterwards.

Don't know where to start? 

Contact Us! Email us at africa@bu.edu

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This project found inspiration from the Teaching Central America Week campaign developed and led by Teaching for Change. Teaching Central America Week is October 7-11 2024. 

Thanks to Teaching for Change for such meaningful social justice work.