Tennessee Middle School Viking Band 

Will you be a 6th grade student at TMS in the fall?  Consider joining the band!

Want to stay in the know for all TMS band happenings?

Check out our Communications Info Sheet below for a list of all of the ways we send information home to parents/guardians.  Be sure to sign up for Remind messaging if possible, and check back to the website frequently for news/events. 


TMS Band Classroom Wishlist

If you would like to make a donation towards our band program, there are several items on our Classroom Wishlist that we go through very regularly.  We could use your help providing these items for our students if you would like to donate.  All help is much appreciated!


With the construction of the new Tennessee Middle School, the previously blue and white Jr. Viking Band has evolved into the Tennessee Middle School Viking Band.

Now it will be better than ever, hopefully with your contribution!

“The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children.” - Cheryl Lavendar

What We Do.

Our program teaches character, critical thinking, perseverance and teamwork through music.

We have the proud tradition of training the next generation of Mighty Viking Band members.  

Why Choose Band?

There are many great reasons to choose band!  Band is an excellent creative outlet for young and old alike.  It allows us to feel and express emotions and to become more emotionally aware.  Working toward a common goal in a group setting strengthens teamwork and cooperation skills. Learning to play an instrument is a specialized skill that also enhances overall cognitive abilities and motor functions over time.  And playing music with your friends is just plain fun!  

Visit the 'Our Students' page to get the inside scoop directly from some of our students in the Bristol Tennessee band program.