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Service Overview

This service provides resources to support the procurement and lifecycle management of technology-related hardware, software, maintenance, and contracted services. It supports the Technology Procurement and Lifecycle Management Service (RIC-D budget), Instructional Technology Base Service (IT-D budget) and Telephone Interconnect Service (TI-D or Tel). For more information, please click the dropdown arrow in this section:

Technology Procurement and Lifecycle Management Service Description

Supports administrative technology-related purchases   

Instructional Technology Base Service Description

Supports instructional technology-related purchases

Telephone Interconnect Service Description

 Provides a cost-effective means to contract for and manage land-line telephone circuits and mobile

 communications/cell plans


*Participation in the base service is required when making technology-related purchases


Service Contacts

IT-D Contact - This contact is only for districts who participate in the Instructional Technology Base Service. Please contact your local BOCES for any other inquiries. 

District Budget Coordinator Contacts

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

1.) Sometimes it seems to take longer to process my requests – what might cause this to happen?

Each situation is unique – we are happy to provide information/updates if you are experiencing delays. Feel free to reach out to to request an update. 

Delays usually happen when there is not an existing procurement source as additional steps are required (contract reviews and Board of Education approval). 

2.) Why does purchasing close before the end of the school year?

To ensure districts receive state aid for the purchases the following year, the items must be received and entered in inventory before the end of the school year. We encourage districts to place their orders early to prevent this from happening.

3.) I would like to use grant funding for IT purchases. Are you able to process my order?

Districts are able to use grant funds for IT purchases. When submitting your request to, please make sure to indicate grant funds will be used. Once we process your order for the current year, we will update the appropriate budget (RIC-D or IT-D) if the item requires a renewal.

4.) How do I know if an order is being processed?

Once an order has been entered, your purchasing contact will send you an email that includes the “PND” number. The PND number indicates the order was received and entered.

If you have any questions regarding your order, please include the PND number in your email to  

Center Support Calendar

Please note that our fiscal year starts July 1 and goes through June 30.  

Receiving Reports are done on a bi-weekly basis for all districts. The dates your district receives those reports are tentative, based upon each District Budget Coordinator's schedule.

2023-2024 Center Support Board of Education Submission Dates 

Close of Purchasing Memo 2023-2024

Purchase Order Close DateAll requisitions for 23-24 purchases are required to be approved by the district and submitted to RIC Purchasing no later than TBD.


Online Orders, StaplesLink, etc.All requests for purchases that use existing blanket purchase orders must be submitted to RIC Purchasing no later than close of business - TBD.


Claims for Mileage and Expense Reimbursement – Claims for mileage and expense reimbursement must be received by the end of the day on TBD

Claims submitted after the deadline may be rejected for reimbursement

Wegman's Card PurchasesCan be made through TBD, and the receipt must be sent to Accounts Payable no later than TBD.


Receipt of Goods Documentation – Evidence of receipt of goods MUST be submitted to RIC Purchasing by TBD.

IPAs 2024-2025 - Important Dates (Updated 11/3/23)

In order to get it your IPA fully approved for the 2024-2025 school budget vote, you will need to have your equipment list finalized and approved, and your BOE resolution passed no later than TBD.

The last BT BOCES board date to submit IPAs will be TBD. This means all documents must be approved and submitted to Center Support no later than TBD.

If you have any questions or concerns about your IPA, please contact your District Budget Coordinator. If you would like to know more information about IPAs and the process, please visit our Procurement page.

MITS Districts and Non-MITS Districts have different times of when reports are expected to be received.