Student Handbook


The school staff and AEC welcome you to White Mountain School. This is your school and we hope you will take a full and active part in all the classes and activities offered. This handbook is published so that you, the students and parents, will have a happy and enjoyable learning experience at White Mountain School. The teachers and staff here care about young people. They feel that social and academic growth will provide you with an opportunity to make yourself a better person, while at the same time prepare you to meet life’s oncoming challenges. If you are a parent, we ask you to provide support and encouragement to your children and the staff.

Every student is expected to make every effort to practice self-discipline.


  • Be on time and attend all their classes.

  • Participate willingly and show a positive attitude.

  • Treat all persons and property with respect.

  • Work hard to learn.

  • Submit completed assignments on time.

  • Follow the directions of the teachers and staff members.

  • Be drug, alcohol, and tobacco free.

  • Comply with the policies of the BSSD School Board, the AEC, and the school.

Students who choose not to follow these expectations shall be liable for discipline, suspension, or expulsion.

Social Conduct

Showing consideration and respect of your fellow students and all staff members, leads to emotional growth as well as maturity in society. Socially acceptable actions are expected of all students while attending this school. Your actions that are practiced here are carried over into work and life after school. Remember that reputations can be enhanced or damaged by the actions you exhibit toward associates within the school.

Freedom of Speech and Assembly

Students are entitled to express their opinions as long as this expression is not demeaning or disrespectful of others and does not interfere with the freedom of others to express their views. The use of obscenities is prohibited. Use of profanity will incur 15 minutes of detention per offense.

Students have the freedom to assemble peacefully. There is an appropriate time and place for the expression of opinions and beliefs. Conducting demonstrations, which interfere with the operation of the school or classroom, is inappropriate and prohibited.


Regular attendance at school is necessary if students are to gain full benefit from their educational opportunities while in school. Regular attendance means the student is in school every day unless they are ill or on a school sponsored trip. The primary responsibility for good attendance rests with the family; however, parents and school staff should work together to encourage excellent attendance. It is also the responsibility of the school to inform the parent or guardian of their child’s attendance record and to cooperate with the home in bringing about better attendance. It is the responsibility of the principal to determine whether an absence is excused or unexcused. Students must maintain an 80% attendance record to be eligible for student activities. In addition the students may not have more than four tardies in a week, which will be tracked Monday through Friday. For example: if a student has one tardy on Monday, one on Tuesday, and two on Wednesday then they may not have any more if they want to participate or travel with the school group that weekend. Extenuating circumstances and pre-excused absences authorized by the principal will be considered.

All persistent truancies will be documented in writing to the Associate Superintendent for action.

Student Dances

Student dances may be held any Friday or Saturday night during the school year, provided a member of the school staff or coach has agreed to assume the responsibility as chaperone and the principal has been notified in advance what the hours of the dance will be and who is acting as chaperone. The principal has the right to approve or disapprove any chaperone.

Student Body

All students who are enrolled are members of the student body and are eligible to participate in all extra curricular activities providing they meet attendance and scholastic eligibility rules. High school students may elect student council representatives if they decide to.

Use of School computers

School computers are to be used for educational purposes. All students will be given an e-mail account which is used to login the school chromebooks. Students must have adult permission before accessing e-mail or the Internet and have an adult present while doing these activities. The use of chat rooms or instant messaging is not allowed during class hours. Any student not following the BSSD policies governing Internet usage will lose their computer privileges for a set amount of time.

Personal Electronic Devices

Cell phones, ipods, personal laptops, and other personal electronic devices are not allowed during class time, although teacher discretion for special activities is permitted. Items such as these should be left in student lockers or cubbies either turned off or in silent mode.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco

It is against district and school policies for anyone to use or possess tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs on school property. Possession or use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs will be dealt with according to the school discipline policy in conjunction with the BSSD policy and the ASAA Citizenship Rule. First offense will carry a 10 day interscholastic activity suspension. Students are prohibited from using or possessing any tobacco products on school property or during school sponsored functions. The AEC has determined that any student who is caught using tobacco at school, or with tobacco in their possession at school, will be given two weeks gym list, including all extracurricular events. Students may not practice with their teams during that time (ASAA) and will not be allowed to travel for sports or academics while gym listed. A second occurrence will result in 9 weeks expulsion from gym and extra-curriculars. A third offense will result in a suspension from extra-curriculars and gym for the remainder of the school year.

Athletic/Academic Teams

Students who meet eligibility requirements may participate on school teams. To be eligible, a student must have at least an 80% attendance rate and be making adequate effort and progress in their content areas. Failure to meet eligibility will result in suspension from academic and athletic activities until he next eligibility check, which is done at the middle and end of each quarter. When a student is on a team, s/he represents the village and school. The way s/he behaves is a direct reflection on our entire school and village; therefore, it is essential that all students act their very best at all activities. Failure to act in a responsible manner could result in the student being sent home from an activity or disqualified from further travel. Participating on a team means participating in all practices for which the student is eligible unless excused in advance by the coach or principal. All coaches will have students and their parents sign a copy of the team rules prior to the first competition.

Public Use of School Facilities

All non-student groups must request use of school facilities at least one week in advance with the principal. All non-student activities are subject to a usage fee for the school facilities as outlined by district board policy. Any fund raising activity, taking place on school property must pay a fee equal to 15% of the gross gate. Users are responsible for any damages incurred during their use of the facilities and for clean up after the event.

School Cafeteria

Breakfast and lunch are served each day. Breakfast begins at approximately 8:20 AM and is served until 8:50 AM. The service window will close at 8:50 am. Lunch schedules are determined by the teaching staff to accommodate each teacher’s class. Adults and guests need to advise the cooks that they will be eating lunch that day unless they routinely eat at the school. Adult lunch is at 12:05 PM. Payments should be made to the school secretary or principal.

Food, drinks, and dishes will not be removed from the lunchroom except by prior approval of the cooks or principal.

Use of School Telephones

School phones are for business use. A student use phone is located outside of the student store in the cafeteria area. Students are allowed to make local calls for emergency purposes, but should limit their calls to emergencies only.

Study Hall

The school provides study hall on most school days from 3:45 PM to 5:00 PM. The study hall is open for all students who need extra help with schoolwork. Assigned study hall time must be completed before students will be allowed to participate in evening gym activities or extracurricular sports activities. Students will be assigned study hall for assignments that are not turned in on time. Students who are assigned to or voluntarily use study hall should come to study hall with all materials needed such as books, paper, pencils or pens, calculators, and workbooks or worksheets. Students will not be allowed to routinely leave study hall to visit their lockers, use the telephone, visit friends, etc. Noise such as e-mail, talking, and music will disrupt others who are studying and will not be allowed. Teachers and the study hall aide will be available to answer questions students may have concerning their assignments.

The gym list will be written at 5 p.m. and will be in effect for the remainder of the evening. The list will be posted on the school door and in the gym.

Gym List

It is school policy that students who are absent from school for all or part of the day may not attend gym activities that evening. The gym list also includes students who have study hall time remaining, are not current in their coursework, or have misbehaved. The AEC approved exceptions to these rules are:

1. Students who return to the village from a school sponsored trip may attend gym that evening provided they have attended school for the remainder of the school day after their return.

2. Students who return from a trip outside for medical or dental reasons may attend gym that evening provided they have attended school for the remainder of the school day after their return.

3. The principal has the right to make exceptions for situations that result from extraordinary circumstances not of the students’ making. The principal and AEC members may consult to determine if the situation deserves an exception.

School Visits

Parents, guardians, and community members are encouraged and invited to visit the school. The staff will endeavor to make time to meet with parents/guardians whenever they need to; however, teacher conferences should be planned for after school hours so as to minimize disruption of classroom activities.

Counseling Services

Counseling, academic and emotional, is available when our BSSD itinerant counselor is on site. Additional counseling services are available in our community through the Village Based Counseling program, which is run by the Norton Sound Health Corporation. Please call the principal in case of an emergency and he will notify counseling services.