White Mountain School

Box 84069, White Mountain, AK 99784 | Phone 907-638-3021 | Fax 907-638-3031

2020-21 School year starts August 23, 2020

Welcome Christian Close - Kindergarten Teacher from Teller for next year

School Picnic - Cancelled this year

Normally 12 pm - Scowjohn

Advisory Education Council

Maayuk Adams

Emily Agloinga

Kriscilla Buck

Jay Adams-Asst. Chair

Randall Huffman-Chair

White Mountain School serves about 50 kids in grades Pre-K through 12 in the Bering Strait School District.

We are implementing 2nd Step Curriculum to work on relationship building and social skills

Blueberry picking for math in Kindergarten sometime next week. Talk to teach Barbara - Parents encouraged to join in!