Wood Shop I-IV

Wood Processing/Production courses include study in the properties of woods and composites made from woods and using these materials to construct usable products. These courses enable students to experience the process of translating an idea into a finished product with instruction in planning, designing, selecting materials, and using tools and machines.

In our wood shops there is a focus on tool identification, proper tool selection, and safe practices.

Sled repair is a popular wood shop project

Across the district you will find a sled or two in the wood shop being built or repaired.

Santa's Workshop

Santa’s Workshop is a program adopted across the Bering Strait School District with a goal to provide each elementary and preschool child with a Christmas gift handmade by the older students. It starts many weeks earlier with students selecting designs of wooden cars, trucks, and planes. They choose designs they are able to cut, shape, sand, drill and make ready in kits for painting and assembly by the art classes at each school site. Since not all schools in the district have shop facilities those that do have the opportunity to step up and make kits for their friends and families across the district.

Above, students enjoy a cup of hot cocoa as they put the finishing touches on the gifts.

There is always a wide range of toys being built.