Metal Processing/Production courses include studying the properties of metals and metal alloys then using these materials to construct usable products. These courses enable students to experience the process of translating an idea into a finished product with instruction in planning, designing, selecting materials, using tools, and operating machines. Welding courses often include instruction in interpreting blueprints or other types of specifications.

As of now we have 13* sites that have brand new shops. Each shop is fairly well equipped with welders and tools.

SVA Aluminium

Above is a quick video exhibiting our fall CTE training.

Oct 6th-8th a group of CTE instructors attended a aluminum welding and fabrication training in Savoonga. The school and community worked together and came up with the idea to design and create a ferry/barge system to aid in the crossing of a river on there way to hunting camp.

Friday evening after arriving, we were lucky enough to meet with a few local folks that had interest in the project. We were able to see photos of the water crossing location and discussed scaling up our original design. After working late into the night crunching numbers and discussing options we felt comfortable with our new plan. (A pontoon structure that measures 14’ long by 8’ wide) Saturday morning started with a general aluminium welding introduction with plenty of practice. After lunch, we jumped right in and started fabrication finally wrapping up for the night around 10:30. Sunday morning was spent reinforcing and lining things up so that the students could finish the project using what we did as an example. I again would like to thank Ralph, Gaetano, Patrick and all that were there to make this training an overwhelming success that will benefit our teachers, students and the community of Savoonga.