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With a strong CORE you will find infinite possibilities!

Welcome and welcome back to team infinity. We would like to let you know some ways in which you can help your child have a successful academic year. We realize it is extensive, but we have tried to include most of the handouts that will be going home in the first two weeks of school. Please make sure you sign and return those forms promptly. We expect all of our students to come to class prepared each day and ready to learn. It is our feeling that preparation and organization are important parts of success at any level; therefore, we will be providing some guidelines to help your child be more organized and, ultimately, more successful. As the technology is rolled out, there will be additional expectations around care, use, and class preparation using computers.

Team Guidelines

Assignment Books: This year, students will be recording and keeping track of assignments in school provided planners. (There will be a fee to replace lost books.) We encourage you to check in with your child daily using this tool.

Homework: We strongly believe that homework supports classroom instruction and reinforces good work habits. Students should expect to spend time each night reading and at least an hour on other assignments. Homework is assigned with a due date, and we expect that it be turned in on time. (Individual exceptions may be made in the case of illness or other extenuating circumstances.) Students will need to budget their time appropriately in order to fulfill this responsibility. The school will also be running a homework club; this is a quiet place in the building for students to receive adult help with homework after school.

Communication with parents is very important. Your email address will also be used to receive communication from the team periodically throughout the year. We have found that email is the best way to stay in touch with us about your child. We check our emails regularly during the school day. Our email addresses are as follows:

  • Daryl Kuhn (Sci):
  • Rich Boyers (L.A.):
  • Pat Chiraseveenuprapund (Math):
  • Jeremy DeMink (Social Studies):
  • Jennifer Haselman (Support Services)

If you have a moment, we would appreciate if you would fill out the short form at

It is our goal that all of our students have the opportunity to be successful. One of the key components for success is developing good organizational skills. We recognize, however, that not one organizational strategy works for every student. We will begin the year with a physical planner, but there are also many effective 21st century tools to support organization that we will explore as the year progresses.

All students are expected to bring the materials listed below with them to school.


  • 1 2” binder with 4 dividers and paper (Math & Science)
  • 2 packages of lined-filler paper
  • 1 package of graph paper
  • pens and pencils.
  • pencils & more pencils (It is the student’s responsibility to come to class each day with a pencil.)
  • extra cap erasers.
  • 2 hand pencil sharpeners
  • 1 3-holed organizer pouch/ binder to store pencils, etc.
  • 2 combination locks for lockers (one is for P.E.) *Keys are easily lost and teachers keep records of lock combinations.
  • A calculator that does fractions and ruler
  • 1 set of headphones or earbuds (dollar store headphones are fine)
  • Highlighters in at least 3 colors.

Collaboration is critical to the success of a team and we look forward to collaborating with our Infinity parents. We would love to have parents share their expertises this year as well as support our field trips and fundraising endeavors. (Here is a link to the donation form)

We have high expectations for our students, and we know the year will be a successful one. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the summer!

Team Infinity