World History Virtual Museum Project Site

Welcome to the Virtual Museum Project website for the BRVGS World History "Technology Through The Ages" course. This project will involve individual research, analysis, teamwork, technology, design skills, and communication, and will involve several steps over the entire semester. The goals for this project are that each student will:

  • Research and analyze the important inventions or innovations of specific times and places in history
  • Write an analytical, conclusive, academic paper suggesting and supporting the most important of those developments
  • Collaborate effectively with a team of students, in person and through web-based technology, to create a Virtual Museum website that highlights the most important inventions of specific times and places in history

* Note - For this research project, an "invention" is defined as:

"A new device, method, or process developed from study and experimentation. Some inventions are based on pre-existing forms, compositions, processes or ideas. Other inventions are radical breakthroughs which may extend the boundaries of human knowledge or experience."

An "innovation" is: "The act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods." (Mirriam-Webster)

Project Steps

1st Step: Pre-Kickoff Work

Prior to the Project Kickoff meeting, each student will be assigned to a specific historical period and team. Students will research their assigned historical period from internet and print resources, using at least 3 separate academically valid sources. Students will prioritize their choices of inventions, from most significant to the least significant, and will provide a brief explanation of why they chose their top three most important inventions as "most significant."

2nd Step: Project Kickoff

Students from all schools will meet their teammates at the Kickoff Field Trip to brainstorm all important inventions from their assigned historical period, and to decide, as a group, on the most important technological developments for their civilization. Students will also assign each team member with a specific invention, will determine individual responsibilities for the team portion of the project, will review information on determining the validity of sources.

3rd Step:

Each student will begin the writing process for an individual academic paper of at least 1200 words, not counting their "Works Cited" page. The paper must support their choice for the most important invention from their assigned historical period. Students must write an outline and a rough draft for submission prior to writing the final paper. Note: See "Project Dates" on the Navigation Bar for important paper dates! Students must submit their rough draft through

4th Step:

Individual research papers submitted to classroom teacher through

5th Step: Project Workday

Teams of students will meet to begin to develop their Virtual Museum according to project guidelines and to roles established in their group contract. See "Due Dates" on the Navigation Bar for important team dates.

6th Step:

Students will provide feedback to their own group and to other project groups on their Virtual Museums so far. Teachers will also provide feedback to groups. Groups will revise and improve websites as needed.

7th Step:

Groups will submit their Virtual Museum for final grading. Grading will be done on both an individual and group basis.