BRVGS Senior Project

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” - Mary Oliver, 1992

Welcome to the Senior Resource Site for your BRVGS Internship, Research and Community Service Project, in which you will study a topic of your choice through hands-on participation, service and research. Your topic should be something you are passionate about, and must be significant.

"Significant" means that the topic, your internship, and your community must have have demonstrable importance in terms of being a learning stretch for you and in providing a lasting impact on you and your community.

The Senior Internship and Research Project is designed to give you the opportunity to learn and practice skills for post-high school study, as well as for the “real-world” experiences that you will encounter beyond high school. Some of the specific skills that you will develop and practice will include:

  • Deciding on and supporting a specific, individualized subject of study
  • Contacting, meeting, and working with experts in your field of study
  • Management of deadlines and multiple tasks
  • Professional communication and presentation skills

A couple of important points for students and parents to remember:

  • Ultimately, students are primarily responsible for following all guidelines and expectations as stated on this site, in the handbook, and on rubrics. Students should not expect too much prompting from their Senior Advisors. Senior Advisors are there to help with advice and guidance as needed, but the BRVGS Senior Project is designed to promote and to expect responsibility from students.
  • Students should contact their Senior Advisor first, should they have any questions about their BRVGS Senior Project.
  • Students need to pay careful attention to all Due Dates, and should try to get all work done and submitted prior to those due dates.
  • The BRVGS Senior Project is an opportunity for students to truly explore and experience a topic of their own interest. Students need to put a great deal of thought about what they want to learn about and experience during their Senior Project.

This site contains specific guidelines for each portion of the project. including:

  • Expectations for the internship, research and community service
  • "How-to" information and expectations for the senior website, formal presentation and Senior Exposition
  • Important dates
  • Important forms
  • Copies of all rubrics and information on grading for the course

In addition to this site, students will have specific expectations and tasks, organized into 4 "modules", that will be made available to students through your advisor's BRVGS Open Class site. Please make sure that you refer to that sire and meet the guidelines spelled out there as well.

Please see the BRVGS Overview and BRVGS Senior Quick Start Guide below for a brief outline of the most critical tasks for the Senior Project.

Please see the BRVGS Overview, BRVGS Senior Quick Start Guide , and DUE DATES for a brief outline of the most critical tasks for the Senior Project.