There are no assigned summer reading books, with the exception of AP High School classes.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students to choose their own reading!  Studies show that reading for pleasure improves skills and achievement across subject areas, and increases empathy, background knowledge, and happiness.   Why not make it a family activity and read and discuss together?

Please browse this site for recommendations for grades 5-12, plus special pages for High School and K-4, to find something that is right for you. The books listed are recommended by librarians, professional reviewers, teachers, and students. It is by no means comprehensive: any book assigned in ELA classes, as well as classics or highly popular ones you probably already know about, have been omitted.  None of these titles are required. You can always choose a book not listed here. 

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The librarians at Bridgewater & Raritan public libraries have great suggestions, too! 

All students are encouraged to join the

Looking for fun and educational opportunities this summer? 

Activities for K-8 created by the Library Media Specialists across the district can be found on the K-4 page.  

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