Remote Learning for Middle & High School

at Black River Public School

Welcome & Thank You!

Thank you for being 'here' with us! This year, Black River students will be engaging in online learning more than ever before. This website will serve as a resource for students and families as they navigate the technology tools and learning systems required to make the experience this school year a smooth and successful one. Please explore the tutorials, sample schedules, articles and other resources to educate and guide you in this journey.

If you have a question or technology issue that is not addressed in the tutorials and articles provided on the site, please click on the FAQ & Support tab for possible answers or to fill out a Help Ticket.

Black River Remote - A Learning Experience For Us All

Your Black River teachers are working hard to tailor their BR-curricular content to provide a robust remote educational experience that tries to equate with seeing your child in person.

In this whole remote learning endeavor, the objective is still to challenge with meaningful learning, but not to overwhelm. Especially in the first part of our remote learning period, that balance of challenge-but-not-overwhelm will take a great deal of fine-tuning. Feedback from our students will be an integral part of the process.

Every learner is different. Some students will find school more manageable when dealing with the Google world of Classroom, Calendar, and Meet; other students will have a hard time navigating this educational experience and will need what some might consider "extra time" just to put a solid plan in place and start completing the work their teachers expect of them. Therefore, if you or your student think that there seems to be more "extra time" than usual, then double-check your Google Calendar, Classrooms, and home-planning agenda to make sure that every task and its deadline are accounted for.

We hope that this remote learning endeavor will balance the right amount of time necessary to be productive and successful with all academic work, provide for "brain-rest" breaks, and allow for the longer chunks of time that are not education-screen-dependent while helping to keep the positive mental and physical wellness of your child at the center of everything we do.

Online Expectations for MS & HS Students

BRPS Student Expectations Online.pdf

Parent & Family Facilitator Role

Visit the Family Resources page to learn more about how to support your student at home.