Math Teaching Fellows


The Math Teaching Fellows Program is a semester-long certificate program that provides UTAs with the skills and knowledge required to be an effective UTA in the Math Department. Please navigate our site to learn more about the program and, if you are undergraduate student that is passionate about teaching, we hope you consider applying to the program!


The pursuit of mathematics is an endeavor that we believe can empower all of our students. Despite this belief, we recognize that the experiences of our students are varied and that many of them have come to believe that they are not capable of participating fully in the field of mathematics.

The mission of the Math Teaching Fellows program is to support a community of undergraduate students who are passionate about education and provide them with the knowledge, resources, and experience to collaborate with faculty members to best serve our students. In doing so, we aim to dispel the myth that mathematics is reserved for pre-destined "geniuses" and instead work to show all of our students that they are capable of exploring mathematics to their heart's content.