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Our CEO, Christopher O'Brien, will be serving as Grand Marshal for the Petaluma, CA Veterans Day Parade! Help us support the 2020 event with these customized coasters and challenge coins. 10% of all sales will be donated directly to support next years events!

Welcome to BROB Analytics LLC

"Large Scale Solutions for a Small Scale World." We work to bring our customers tailored business and personal solutions in an ever-expanding and complex marketplace. BROB offers items for everyone, from the individual consumer to businesses! If you are starting a business or want to package a product, our team is able to help you bring it from concept to reality. We offer multiple image options and can work with you to outfit your entire business, from shirts to bumper stickers and paper products! We can accommodate short-runs and will work to ensure you receive only the highest-quality product. We enable small businesses to consolidate their needs into a single place - don't run around to every website. We're flexible too - don't see an item you need? Let us know! We would be happy to help!*

*We are a small business, so please bear with us,

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Business & Product Consulting | Geospatial

Advertising Solutions

Let's talk about putting your business on the map, literally! We offer full-service solutions that can work to optimally locate your business and get the most out of advertising campaigns by targeting specific customer demographics!

What we do:

BROB Analytics LLC uses highly detailed population and business characteristics to conduct comparative analysis of cost/benefit relationships with investments. This analysis allows us to perform tasks such as locate your place of business or optimize effectiveness of advertising campaigns. We have recently expanded our business offerings to include a custom PRINT SHOP to streamline costs of our client's campaigns and product development - we can work with you to get out a product from concept to reality while working to find the most efficient supply chain!

We are able to produce products directly for our clients and host online fundraisers for teams, schools, or otherwise - don't worry about collecting money!*

BROB Analytics LLC offers these services for our customers and reserves the right to monitor products for explicit language or imagery. We do not endorse any of the products sold by these organizations and respect the views of all our clients.

Why we do it:

Strategic data analysis is vital in today's society of constantly shifting information. The addition of a spatial component, or location, allows for extensive distance-based comparisons to better explain the environment - human or otherwise. We highlight these spatial relationships to allow our clients to better understand the potential cost-benefit relationships of investment and pursuit of policy.

Charity and Giving

BROB Analytics LLC is always available for charity and giving. Our CEO is a service-disabled veteran with a degenerative neurological disorder - disabled veteran and first response personnel are a passion for our business. Contact Chris O'Brien, our CEO, at chris.obrien@brobanalytics.com and specify 'charitable giving' in the subject line. Contact him by phone at the main company line, 860.808.8173. Thank you!