Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated Small Business

BROB Analytics is a Veteran Owned and Operated Small Business. The founder's families have a long past with the Services - our company is owned by a disabled retired veteran who served between 2003 and 2013. We strive to help veterans in the Bay Area, especially with training and education through employment. If you are located in the Sonoma County Area, please reach out!

Chris is one of the co-founders and owner of BROB Analytics LLC. He retired from the Coast Guard in 2013, after serving since 2003, at the rank of Lieutenant. Chris also has numerous members of his immediate and extended family currently serving or served in all of the armed forces as active and reserve troops. His awards include two Coast Guard Commendation Medals, the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Strike Group Medal, and his accomplishments include circumnavigating the globe and conducting operations/training including international piracy, drug and migrant interdiction, search and rescue, pollution response, and law enforcement across the globe.

Chris is a service-disabled veteran with a condition known as complex regional pain syndrome, caused when a nerve was injured by a military doctor and further complicated by brain injuries. He served with the condition from 2005-2013 until he was medically retired. He is a 100% service disabled veteran and as CEO, allowing us to be a certified 'Service Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated Small Business.' He remains involved in veteran and first-responder causes.

If you have any requests for a charity or fundraiser, please feel free to contact Chris at chris.obrien@brobanalytics.com or the company line at 860.808.8173.

Here are some of the photos taken of historical sites - images from around the world showcasing not only the United States, but the world's military history captured by our friends and family to share.

A Soldier of the War - Grave of an Allied Soldier in Libya.

Photo Credit Christopher O'Brien, Tobruk, Libya. 2009

The Lady Be Good - crashed in the Libyan Desert and stored at Jamal Abdelnasser Air Force Base - perfectly preserved from the desert conditions and hanger storage.

Photo Credit Christopher O'Brien, Jamal Abdelnasser Air Force Base, Libya. 2009

Wikipedia - Lady Be Good

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