Our team is made up of GIS and Analytical Specialists across the Country, each with different talents and skills. Our analytics experience has been broadly utilized in Government, Military, Public, Business and Private Consulting - including internationally. Not sure what you need for your analytics? Email chris.obrien@brobanalytics.com or call 860.808.8173 - we can help to make your data work for you.

Chris O'Brien is one of the founders and owner of BROB Analytics LLC. As an undergrad, Chris attended the United States Coast Guard Academy for Marine and Environmental Science and was awarded the Pfizer Award for Research in Applied Chemistry. He holds two master's degrees, an MBA with a concentration in sustainable enterprise from Dominican University in California and an MS in Environmental Management with a concentration in climate change including a Geospatial Information Systems Certification from the University of San Francisco. Attending other schools in the military such as the International Search and Rescue School and Navy War College, he has a broad base in both civilian and military operations. Chris has an extensive background in business and personnel management, including grocery stores, assisting overseeing mall operations at a LEED certified facility, marketing, and private national and international business consulting. His ultimate goal is provide analytics-backed processing for sustainable business investment, preserving the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

Chris has a unique perspective on climate change, military operations, training, and policy investment. Read papers [here].

Areas of Expertise: Business and Product Development, Training, Sustainable Investment, Printing, Advertising, Spatial Business Development

Email: chris.obrien@brobanalytics.com

Linkedin: Chris O'Brien

Jason Brown is the Co-Founder of BROB Analytics, LLC. He has over 10 years of professional experience working with data mining and geographic concepts, in addition to database management and application deployment. Jason has obtained several professional certifications such as ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Associate, Certified Floodplain Manager and Geographic Information Systems Professional. Jason has developed tools that have been successfully used to service, maintain and update extensive data, along with provide spatial, temporal, statistical and overlay analyzes to clients. He has a strong theoretical foundation conducting linear regressions, machine learning algorithms and other statistical outputs in addition to a strong knowledge of Corporate Finance and Capital Budgeting. When not at work, Jason enjoys taking his daughter to Brave’s games and volunteering in local community activities. As our Principal Analyst, Jason works with and supervises spatial analytical methods implementation.

Areas of Expertise: Business Projections, Data Mining, Database Management, Application Deployment, Temporal and Statistical Analysis

Email: Jason Brown

Daniel holds an MS in Environmental Science and Management from the University of San Francisco, where he specialized in geospatial science and resource management. He is fluent in the complete ESRI software stack, as well as SQL, Python, and R scripting languages. He has a diverse professional background as a wildland firefighter, a chef, and a project manager, but is primarily driven by his love of the outdoors and of the intersection between policy and science.

Areas of expertise: Marine Science, Forestry, Agriculture.

Email: Daniel Giggy

Linkedin: Daniel Giggy