Sports & Activities

Activity Pass Fees

Adult - $65

High School - $35

Junior High - $35

Elementary - $20

Senior Citizen - $35

Student Activity Participation Fee - $25

"The Parent Seat" explains the role of a parent during game day and provides suggestions on how they can cope with the roller coaster of emotions that they will feel. 

Click here to watch The Parent Seat

We ask that each of you help us to keep our events educational and a true extension of the classroom.  High School sports are a privilege to play and a privilege to watch.  A privilege that depends on responsible conduct in school hallways, classrooms, and playing fields.  A privilege that depends on good sportmanship and recognition of the values being taught at this educational event.

In consideration of other fans and spectators, we ask that you keep your children with you during the contest.  If an emergency should arise, game administration cannot be responsible for the location of young children.