Media Class Projects & MBI Initiative

Filmed and edited by Dalton Wahl. Produced by Ms. Groethe's 5th Grade Class

Filmed and edited by Clay LaPlant. Produced by Mrs. Swenson's 4th Grade Class

Filmed and edited by Dalton Wahl. Produced by Mrs. Lambert's 2nd Grade Class

What is MBI?

The Montana Behavioral Initiative (MBI) is a proactive approach in creating behavioral supports and a school-wide culture that establishes social, emotional, and academic success for ALL students. MBI is an organized, data-driven system of interventions, strategies, and supports that positively impact school-wide and individualized behavior planning (OPI website).

Broadus Elementary staff teach academics and social behavior skills which create a predictable and positive learning environment for everyone. School-wide expectations are located in the common areas all around our school: playground, lunch room, hallways, and restrooms. Expectations were also created for busses, assemblies, and concerts. All students are taught these expectations so that teachers and staff are consistent with our students.

Hawks are:


Always respectful and responsible,

Willing to work,

Kind, and


Our MBI leadership team consists of: Laura Lambert, Jennifer Grothe, Diana Swenson, Kelly Babb, Dori Phillips, Denise Ternes, Kristy Mobley, and Renea Bidwell.

Our mission is to support all educators as they provide a positive, consistent, and safe learning environment, using best practices to increase student achievement and to prepare students for a successful future.