Bristol Public Schools Mission Statement

To teach and learn with passion and purpose.

Bristol Public Schools

Vision of the Graduate

All Bristol Public School students will graduate with the essential academic knowledge, skills, and dispositions that empower them to be self-sufficient and make meaningful contributions in a rapidly changing society.

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Bristol Public Schools Program of Studies

One of the primary objectives of the Bristol Public Schools is to equip all students with the skills and knowledge required for post-secondary education and career opportunities. The high school's curriculum is designed to facilitate students' development of the skills needed for post-secondary opportunities. Parents, students, and counselors must plan the academic program carefully to ensure its success. The high school's curriculum allows students to choose the courses they need to fulfill graduation requirements, explore courses that can expand their knowledge of potential future opportunities, and understand the various post-secondary educational and career pathways. The Program of Studies is a valuable resource that can help students plan a successful four-year academic journey and explore the numerous opportunities that will ultimately lead them to graduation and prepare them for life beyond high school.

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