Learning Consultant Tutoring

The Experiential Learning Commons (ELC) is still committed to serving Brevard College students during this time. Although in-person appointments with our learning consultants won’t be possible due to CDC guidelines of social distancing, you can still make appointments with our consultants to view and review your homework through asynchronous digital consulting. This means that you will make an appointment with a consultant, upload your homework online, and receive written commentary from that consultant.

How to Use WCOnline to Schedule Appointments with the ELC

If you have never scheduled appointments with us before, please follow these steps.

  1. Visit brevard.mywconline.com.

  2. Select “Register for an account” just above the login boxes.

  3. Using your personal information and your BC email, fill in all the required registration fields. Make sure to select your own password that is secure and stored somewhere you can find it.

  4. Select “Complete Your Registration” at the bottom of the page. This will immediately take you to the ELC scheduling page.

Once your account is created, you can use your BC email address and the password you created for WCOnline to login again. If you prefer, there is also a video walkthrough here.

Video Walkthrough

ELC WCOnline How to Create An Account.mp4

How to Make an Appointment for Asynchronous Digital Consulting

At the main schedule screen (shown here), select a focus in the “Limit to” bar above the calendar. This will show all the learning consultants who know that focus. Select the white square in the time and day you want for your appointment and then fill out all the information in the dialogue box that appears. Make sure to upload the file for your assignment at the bottom of the dialogue box. If you forget to upload a file for your assignment, then your consultant can’t help you. Once you’ve filled out all necessary information in full, select “Create Appointment” and that’s it! You’ll receive an email with a reminder of your appointment time and information for further actions if needed. When your appointment time arrives, your selected consultant will review your homework and return it to you at the end of the appointment with their own written comments that will guide you through future revisions.

For a full walkthrough of navigating these options, please view the embedded video.

Video Walkthrough

Asynchronous Digital Consulting How-To Video.mp4