What is an Alliance?

Braver Angels Alliances are local groups of people who have participated in a Braver Angels workshop, have become dues-paying members, and want to keep the conversation going and find common ground. Alliances have at least one red co-chair and one blue co-chair. They prioritize having no more than a 60/40 (or 40/60) split in red and blue membership. There can also be members who see themselves as true independents who do not lean red or blue.

List of Alliance Chairs

Please visit our Alliance Map to look up an Alliance Co-chair.

Getting Started as an Alliance Co-Chair


Some alliances have found it helpful to join together to share volunteer leadership resources.  A super-alliance is an alliance that covers an area of a state or region where there are already other alliances present.

Two examples of a super-alliance are the SoCal Superalliance and the New England Regional Alliance. For ideas on starting a super-alliance, we suggest you contact a member of the SoCal Superalliance or read these documents:


Look up the balance in your Alliance Fundraising Account.   Learn more about the Field Funding Program here. If you would like to request OFO funds for a specific project, use the Field Investment Proposal Form.