BHS Transition Program

The purpose of the Transition Program is to prepare students for changes that come after High School. The program will provide students with real-world training through job shadowing, job simulations, and Job Olympics. Students will also learn self advocacy, soft skills, banking and budgeting, completing job applications, writing resumes, mock interviews, and career research. 



Important information to take ownership of my future plans!

A Guide for Parents and Students to help with

the transition from school to adulthood

The Branson High School Transition Portfolio illustrates a student’s skills, education, experiences, and their desired outcome. It reflects where a student is now and where a student is planning on going. The process of creating the portfolio empowers a student to take ownership of their future plans. All the information concerning a student transitioning from high school to work is contained within the pages of this portfolio.

The Transition Portfolio includes four sections: Personal Information, Educational Information, Vocational Information, and Resources. When a student is ready to connect with transition services, the portfolio will speed up the process because it holds everything a service provider needs.