Unit 2: Function Basics


Rubric: The rubric below describes each of the levels of achievement for Unit 1 learning objectives.

Calendar: The calendar contains suggested due dates for learning activities, mastery checks, and projects.


🎬Instructional Video or Resource


đź“šAssignment: Submit on Google Classroom đź’» or the Turn In Bin đź“Ą

đź“ťWritten Reflection (Survey, Do Now, or Exit Ticket)

đź’ˇMastery Check

Learning Objectives

Click the links below to access videos, resources, and practice for each learning objective. (in progress - moving from Google Classroom)

  • LO2.1: I can explain the differences between a relation and a function.

  • LO2.2: I can evaluate a function for a given input.

  • LO2.3: I can state the domain and range of a function.

  • LO2.4: I can graph a function.


Unit 2 Achievement Rubric
Unit 2 Calendar