Excellence For All

Reimagining Educational Equity and Excellence in Boston

Excellence for All (EFA) is a Boston Public Schools initiative that helps schools expand access to 21st Century learning experiences for students in grades 3-6. EFA provides school leaders and teachers with the resources needed to support each child's unique path to success. At the end of each year, students in EFA schools present research projects at our Annual Showcase. In the 2018-2019 school year, EFA will expand to include 3 new middle schools in efforts to further expand access to quality education for families in Boston.

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Office of Opportunity Gaps

Excellence for All is an initiative under the Office of Opportunity Gaps. The mission of this office is to help build capacity and provide the vision, innovations and supports the district and its individual schools need to foster opportunities for marginalized students (Black, Latino, EL, students with disabilities, economically disadvantaged) to flourish and close gaps in proficiency across all areas of their education.

Eliminating gaps in opportunity is not only a moral imperative but also vitally important for the survival and future success of our democratic, pluralistic society.

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