Remote Learning

2021-22 - What's New?

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Now that school is back in person full-time for the 2021-22 school year, the sections below are resources for short-term remote learning (2 weeks or less) during periods of quarantine off-campus.

Weekly Lesson Schedule

Select the week from the dropdown menu to view your schedule

Daily Schedule Checklist

A printable set of schedule strips and blank checklist!

Check out the "Making a Schedule" How-To doc for helpful ideas & tips.

Making a Schedule "How To"

Making a Schedule.pdf

Blank Schedule Template

Schedule Checklist (blank).pdf

Schedule Strips for Subjects

Schedule Checklist (strips).pdf

Helpful Links for Parents

Weekly Lesson Schedule 2020-21 (Archive)

Choose your division, then select the week from the menu

Note: For links to livestream lessons, please check your email for the weekly schedule