Airline High School’s Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports program is a proactive approach to establishing the behavioral supports and social, cultural supports needed for all students to achieve social, emotional, and academic success. These school supports have been established to impact the learning environment in order to support high student performance and decrease behavioral problems that would inhibit success. PBIS methods are research based and proven to significantly reduce the occurrence of problem behaviors during the school day. Airline’s PBIS goals include improving the school culture and learning climate, developing a safe and caring learning community, and increasing attendance while decreasing referral rates. Those students who display or exhibit the AHS PBIS expectations are acknowledged through PBIS rewards such as receiving Viking Vouchers, winning the Pizza with a Pal weekly drawing, being chosen by a faculty member to participate in the Viking Voyager celebration, or being chosen as the Student of the Day for doing it the right way, the best way, the Airline way.

AHS 3R's

Respectful Responsible Reliable

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Different Opportunities to use Viking Vouchers


Students at Airline High School have the opportunity to acquire Viking Vouchers for positive behavior and academic diligence. Student can then use the vouchers for any of the exchange options found to the left.


Teachers nominate students who display what being a Viking is all about. These students may be diligent in the classroom, may be observed helping another student or staff member, or may be participating in a multitude of other actions or activities that show they are doing the right way, the best way, the AIRLINE WAY each day!

Nominations are randomly drawn and students are announced each morning during morning announcements. Students receive a little token of appreciation from the administration, and teachers honor them throughout the day.


Students can place their Viking Vouchers in the "ballot Box" located in the library each week. They have the opportunity to be selected for their own Johnny's pizza on Fridays or the monthly drawing for various prizes valued at over $50.00. This pool of tickets is also used to draw for any other prizes made available to our students. The teachers who gave out the Viking Voucher love having their own pizza, too!

Viking Voyagers

Each semester teachers and staff nominate a student who they feel is the premier example of a student who is "doing it the Airline way" but sometimes gets overshadowed because he/she is not in the forefront of organizations or clubs that get a lot of recognition. We want these students to know how much we appreciate their daily attendance, effort, and positive behavior. These 150 students get a personalized invitation and come to a party that appreciates them. While they are at the party they are also put in a drawing to win all kinds of prizes.