Emergency Medical Technician

To register for this class, you must have completed the First Responder course and be a Senior. This course is held during the Spring Term during the afternoon session (3rd and 4th block). There are only 16 available spots.

About EMT

BPSTIL is offering the Emergency Medical Technician-Basic class. The EMT-Basic is a key member of EMS system to provide pre-hospital care in emergency situations. The EMT-Basic’s purpose is to get to the patient as quickly and safely as possible to provide emergency care on the scene, en route to the hospital, and at the hospital. Students must be 17 years of age to take the course and have First Responder Certification as a prerequisite. Once the student has sucessfully completed the EMT Basic course and met the testing requirements, the student is then eligible to take the National Registry Practical and Written Examinations. Upon the successful completion of the National Registry Exam, the student may be employed as an EMT-Basic and pursue Paramedic and/or Firefighter training. The EMT-Basic certification is required for employment with the fire department. EMT’s are also employed by private ambulance services, hospitals, etc. Physician’s assistants are also required to become EMT’s. Anyone with an interest in medicine would benefit from this training.

BPCC offers a Paramedic training curriculum. To enter this training, one must have EMT certification. BPTS and BPCC have entered an agreement that upon completion of 12 semester hours of college work at BPCC, 8 hours of college credit will be awarded to students who have EMT National Registry Certification.


EMT BASIC Course Number: EMTP 100 Credit Hours: 9

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Mock Crash

March 24, 2017

Today a Sudden Impact Mock Crash was held at Bossier Parish School for Technology and Innovative Learning. Multiple first responder agencies and BPSTIL students participated in a mock fatal crash to demonstrate the dangers of impaired driving and lack of seat belt usage to the students.

Students involved acted out a fatal crash scene scenario in front of their peers, allowing the students to see first-hand how drinking and driving affects everyone involved.

Numerous state and local agencies including Louisiana State Police Troop G, Bossier Parish EMS, Life Air Rescue, Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office, Benton Fire Department, University Health Shreveport, Think First of the Arklatex, and Kenny’s Towing participated in this scenario.

This is an effort to reduce the number of underage DWI's as well as serious injury and fatal crashes, particularly during Prom season. Programs such as mock crashes teach youth the importance of making sound decisions throughout the course of their lives.

2016 Spring

In April, 2016 the students of Bossier Parish School for Technology and Innovative Learning got to experience a Sudden Impact Mock Fatality Crash. These students saw first hand how one decision can change so many lives.

As the role players executed the scenario, their peers stood in complete silence. After the scenario concluded, they heard testimony from Vanessa Braggs who is DWI crash survivor and MADD - Mothers Against Drunk Driving representative that lost her husband and two sons more than 22 years ago at the hands of an impaired driver.

As we conduct these crashes throughout the year it is very rare that the students stay back after being dismissed, but today was different. Many students stayed behind to not only share their own experiences with Mrs. Braggs, but to comfort her and thank her for her continued dedication to DWI prevention across northwest Louisiana.

The mock crash program is a reinforcement activity that is promoted through the Sudden Impact Louisiana Program, offered through a partnership by the Louisiana State Police, University Medical Center New Orleans, and the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission.

Click to see the Louisiana State Police Press Release

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