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*** Please read the FAQs before calling***


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January 5th, 2021

We are excited to let everyone know we now accept debit cards in addition to cash, cheque, and e-transfer. At this time, we still do not accept credit cards.

Also, we are observing the second-wave lockdown protocols. The changes in our procedures are as follows:


- Customers will no longer be allowed in the warehouse/office space

- We strongly encourage customers to pay their invoices via E-transfer or cheque (we will still accept cash)


- All package pick-ups will be done via curbside drop-off by one of our staff

- We ask that when you arrive at our warehouse, you park on the street and call us – 807-286-2121 – when you arrive.


- Please call us when you arrive at the warehouse – 807-286-2121 – and we will send a staff member out to retrieve your parcels from you.

- If you are paying with cash, we ask you make your best effort to arrive with exact change.

Outside of these changes, we do not anticipate service time delays relating to the lockdown. At this time, we are giving our best effort to fulfilling requests within 5-7 business days from the submission of the request (for those submitting requests while we are closed your submission is deemed to be made the day we re-open).

As a reminder, we will not import the following commodities: Firearms of any type, including replicas, alcohol & drugs, human prescription medication, pet medication, subscription boxes, and tobacco.

Before submitting your request form, please read the FAQ below and take a few minutes to watch the informational videos. If you are struggling with finding your HS Code, please use www.tariffinder.ca or contact the vendor directly. Border Giant does not provide HS Codes in-person, over the phone, or via any messaging platform.

We thank you for your continued trust and support as we continue to build and refine our system to ensure your goods can flow smoothly from the vendor to you.

-The Border Giant Team

What is the process?

Once you have confirmation that your parcels have arrive at the receiving location in the US, visit our website and fill out a parcel request form. The website will walk you through this form, step-by-step. You will need to describe the goods, report their value, where there were made (Country of Origin) and assign a Harmonized Sales (HS) code to your goods. If you are a commercial importer you must provide us with your Import number (RM number). If you do not have an import number, we can import your shipment on a one time basis while you register for one with the CRA. Importers of personal goods will not require an importer number. And the end of the form you will be asked to sign an agency agreement. This is a document that authorizes us to act as your agent for declaring your goods to the CBSA Complete and accurate information is crucial.

Once we arrive in the US, we will retrieve your parcel from the receiving service you used and pay their fees on your behalf. We will then import the parcel into Canada. Border Giant will pay any applicable duties and taxes on your behalf. We will then deliver the parcel to our Thunder Bay warehouse.

Once it gets to the Thunder Bay warehouse, the invoice will be prepared (containing the parcel receiving fee, G/HST, and duty paid on your behalf, as well as the Border Giant fee) and emailed to you along with notice that the parcels are ready for pickup.

After you pick up your parcels, there is a 5 day period where any adjustments can be made to the invoice and funds rebated or paid accordingly. For example, suppose you ordered a $200 sweater that you thought was made in India when you completed the parcel request, but it turns out it was made in the USA. That would mean you overpaid $36 in duties. If you notify us of this and provide a signed statement of origin, we can easily adjust the accounting and refund your $36. After the 5 day window has expired you can still file for adjustments, but the process is more complicated as application must be made with the government.

What can't you import?

For various reasons the follow items are not eligible for import with Border Giant:



-Firearms (including replicas, airsoft, BB, etc).

-Subscription boxes

-Human prescription medication

-Animal medicines and supplements

What is your pricing?

Per-Parcel Rates:

**Commodities that are controlled by CFIA or Health Canada (human food) will be charged an additional $3 fee per item type. This is to cover the extra time it takes to upload required documents.**

Parcels weighing 0lbs to 39lbs - $14.99CAD

Parcels weighing 40lbs to 74lbs - $19.99CAD

Parcels weighing 75+ lbs (including wrapped pallets) - $49.99CAD

In addition to our per-parcel fee, you will also be charged any parcel receiving fees (charged from Ryden's or Grand Portage Trading Post)

*All parcel receiving fees paid to Ryden’s/Grand Portage on your behalf will be charged to you in CAD with a fixed exchange rate of 1.5000 (i.e. a $3USD charge from Ryden's will be billed to you at $4.50CAD)

What other charges will be on the invoice?

In addition to our flat-rate fee for customs clearance and transportation, there will be

  1. Reimbursement for the receiving fee of the service you had the parcels delivered to. (Ryden's or Grand Portage Trading Post)

  2. HST / GST charged by the Government of Canada on the Imported Goods (when applicable)

  3. Duty Charged by the Government of Canada (where applicable)

  4. HST on our service fee.

*** For more information on Duties and Taxes, please see the question below.

How are Duties and Taxes Calculated?

HERE is a link to the CBSA's tax and Duty estimator.

Generally speaking, 13% HST will apply to all goods imported into Ontario for personal use. Some exemptions include...

  • Basic Groceries (does not include carbonated drink, "junk food", candies, etc.)

  • Medical Assistive devices

  • Goods being returned as free warranty repairs or replacements

  • Goods donated to charity

  • Agriculture or Fishing goods

Duties on imported goods are set by the Department of Finance and collected by the CBSA. The main reason that duties are assigned to imported goods is to help protect domestic industry from unfair overseas competition. For example, Canadian clothing manufacturers may have a difficult time competing with clothing manufactures in countries like Bangladesh or China. That is why imported clothing made in those countries would generally carry duties of up to 18%. On the other hand, Canada does not have many companies that manufacture things like televisions or smart phones so those items may have little or no duty.

The amount of duty owing depends on

  1. What the item is (specifically what HS code it falls under)

  2. Where the item was made (not where it shipped from)

  3. What the Value of the item is.

Under the new NAFTA called (CUSMA in Canada), any shipment under $150 CAD in value that is imported by courier will be Duty free. Any shipment under $40 will be Duty AND Tax Free. Any commodity made in Canada, the USA or Mexico will be free from duties.

The CBSA has an online tool that can help estimate duties and taxes. Find it HERE!

How do I pay?

Once you parcel arrives at the warehouse in Thunder Bay, your invoice will be created and sent to you. This also acts as a notification that your parcel is ready for pick-up. You must pay the complete balance of the invoice before the parcel will be released to you.

We accept Cash, Cheque, or E-transfer, or Debit Card. We do not accept credit card.

E-transfer can be made to payments@bordergiant.com

Cheques can be made payable to Border Giant Inc.

How do I cancel an order?

Simply email Cancel@BorderGiant.com from the same email address on the pickup request.

What information will I need to provide for you?

The following information regarding your file is all required:

Personal Details:

  • Full name

  • Local address

  • Email address

  • Telephone number

  • RM number (for business clients)


  • Total number of parcels shipped

  • description of each commodity in each parcel

  • H.S Code classification for each commodity*

  • Country of Origin declaration (if you are claiming duty free status under CUSMA)

  • Weight of each commodity and parcel

  • Tracking information for each parcel

  • A PDF or JPEG of the invoice for each commodity

  • Location that each parcel was shipped to (services only provided for Ryden's Border Store and Grand Portage Trading Post)

  • Value of each commodity in USD

*See additional resources for further explanation

What kind of responsibilities do I have when I get Border Giant to transport my parcel?

As an importer, you are responsible for providing accurate and complete information, producing any documents to verify value of goods. You are also responsible for paying all required taxes and duties assessed on the imports. When using the services of a Customs Broker, the ultimate liability works in a similar manner as if you were to hire an accountant to prepare your tax return. If the CBSA does not agree with any of the information provided regarding the import, the responsibility for paying any differences in assessed duties and taxes lies with the importer.

How are you able to do this?

We are fully licensed and bonded as common carrier with both the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). This is what allows us to transport your parcels between the two countries.

We are also licensed as with the CBSA as a Customs Broker, which is what allows us to declare the imports and pay the duties and taxes on your behalf (once you have authorized us to do so).

Where do I find an HS Code?

To find an H.S Code, please follow the link below to the Tariff Finder. This is a joint project between BDC, EDC, and the Trade Services Commission.

Additional Resources

Please watch the following information for more information about HS coding.