Boone Central Greenhouse 

Meet the Class!

The Boone Central Greenhouse class is  a unique class co-taught by Katie Wilson and Abby Hitchler covering a wide range of plant science and agronomic topics.  The class may be taken for one semester or two and students will find themselves both in the classroom and out in our state-of-the-art 36 ft x 48 ft greenhouse. Students grow and sell poinsettias in the fall/winter and have a large spring sale with many annuals and perennials in potted and hanging basket arrangements.  Scroll down to see more of what the greenhouse class is up to and click here to learn more about our collaboration with the Prairie Plains Resource Institute.

Spring Plant Sale

Each year, the Boone Central Greenhouse has a spring sale in early May.  We provide a wide variety of flowers to be purchased either individually or in arrangements.  Year after year, our hanging baskets are outstanding!  Stay tuned for more information on this year's plants.


  What a great sale we had this year!  Thank you for your support!

Carter Beister, Aiden Nore, Kealie Scheffler and Jackson Boyd are potting the Poinsettias  


Natalie Schrad potting poinsettias 

Myah Lipker and Ethan Thompson are spraying the poinsettias for pests.  



Kealie and Audra are taking care of and growing the succulents. Right now there are around 110 succulents growing in the green house.


The greenhouse has two hydroponic grow towers.  Both of them were purchased by FFA and provide students the opportunity to grow produce via this technique!


Greenhouse students have the opporunity to learn about aquaponics and have hands-on experience growing plants and fish via our Nelson & Pade F5 system.  The purchase of this system was made possible via the America's Farmers Grow Rural Education Monsanto Fund.


Audra and Kealie have grown succulents in the green house and every week they give one to a teacher.

Natalie has been working on the Grow towers all year. She has to start and restart the grow towers because the hoses were down and kept breaking, but now she has figured out was what wrong and the grow towers are working and are healthy. She says that because of all the struggles it was a great opportunity to learn things like how to solve problems and how to fix the grow tower. 

Spring Sale Link 

Photo Gallery

A big thank you to the Albion Education Foundation for their generous contribution that enabled Boone Central to have such an amazing greenhouse!  The experience students gain in the greenhouse is beyond what a classroom alone can provide and the memories they make are often some of their favorite high school memories.

For more information about the Boone Central greenhouse, please contact Katie Wilson at