Bonsall Virtual Academy

Bonsall's Virtual Academy services Bonsall students in grades K-12th.  We are here to support your family whether you are choosing this alternative learning option for health reasons or just to fit your family's lifestyle.  We are here to serve you!  

A typical day for a student enrolled in the Virtual Academy:  

K-8 Students:  The program includes daily academic instruction via Zoom from a credentialed teacher for 30-45 minutes per day in the student's specific grade level.  The rest of the day's learning is completed using an online standards-based curriculum by Flexpoint, where the parent or guardian plays the role of "learning coach".  This means the adult will be directly involved in all aspects of the assignments that need to be completed.  All of the student's instruction, assignments, and assessments will be completed using this platform.  Workbook pages are copied and are provided for each subject and the assignments completed in them will need to be uploaded to the platform daily.  Direct access to the teacher and office hours are also provided each day as an extra layer of support. New in 2023-2024 are in person learning supports at our new classroom space at 31505 Old River Road, Bonsall

9-12 Students:  Students will spend each school day completing required and elective courses on the online Edgenuity learning platform.  This program has recorded lectures from instructors built into it along with assignments and assessments for each subject.  A Bonsall teacher will be grading your submitted work and supporting you along your journey.  Students will check-in regularly through Zoom with their teacher, and additional office hours will be provided should you have questions as you progress through your coursework.  In person learning supports are available at our new classroom space at 31505 Old River Road